Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekend Style

Blouse-CHAPS (thrifted), Shorts-A&F(old), Shoes-SPERRYS

As you can tell from the lightness of my hair this outfit is old, but I liked it so I thought I'd share it with you :) I wore this outfit to a casual dinner with my friend & it worked out perfect because the loose top allows you to eat to your hearts content! I thought that it'd be fun to see other variations of the outfit by swapping the shorts & shoes out for other summer colors.
Summer Shades

Tonight after work I'm going to a Summer Shopping Event (sounds fun right?!) in Old Town Alexandria hosted by Kate Julian at Lou Lou! The event is from 6-8 & there will be all sorts of yummy snacks & drinks :) Now that I've got you all excited you should come, hope to see you there!! For more info click here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: 3 Ingredient Berry Cobbler

Yes, this recipe & it's ingredients are as easy as the title makes it out to be :) I made this dessert for the first (but not last) time yesterday to bring to a cookout. Unfortunately I can't take credit for this ingenious recipe so you'll have to go HERE to get all the fun little details. All I can tell you is that you will need frozen berries, a box of vanilla/yellow cake mix, & Sprite .. yupp that's really all that you'll need aside from nonstick spray but that doesn't count & let's face it a 3 ingredient recipe sounds WAYYY better than a 4 ingredient recipe! Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, this was an impromptu post :)
Yes it will look like a science fair project, but keep hope alive!
Since I grabbed the small aka wrong size of berries I used a smaller pan & thus had a bit of extra cake, but I really didn't care it tasted fantastic.
 Yummy, fresh out the oven, in the future I would pour the Sprite more evenly?! Is that even propper English?! you get the point though :)
Voila, it was pretty freakin good & especially with a big scoop of ice cream!

This recipe is very basic, but if you ever need a dessert that you can whip up in 2 seconds I'd say this is definitely a good one to keep in my mind because you can bake it while you're eating & then it's all nice & fresh!!

D.I.Y. Ombre Rhinestone Necklace

Back to reality, after a wonderful 3 day weekend spent soaking up sun & chowing down on lots of yummy bbq. I really wish every weekend was 3 days, but I doubt that's going to be happening anytime soon. If you read my last post & watched my thrifting haul video you're probably familiar with the vintage rhinestone necklace I bought on Friday :) I've already done two other d.i.y. posts with rhinestones one was a friendship bracelet & the other was earrings. I hadn't tried using the nail polish technique yet, so I thought this necklace would be perfect for it!
Supplies: Rhinestone Necklace (It can be cheap & even missing a rhinestone or two) & Pretty Shades of Nail Polish

To start out you'll need a rhinestone necklace or any kind. In my experience the smaller little rhinestones look a lot more natural with polish than the big gems, so if possible stick to the small square ones. I bought my necklace at a thrift store, but you can order them online as well.
Next grab all your polishes!! I was going to stick with just a pink theme, but ended up doing a rainbow pattern. You can plan out your color design on a piece of paper before, or just wing it like I did.
Now it's time to begin! Don't worry too much about being "perfect". When you're painting the rhinestones it's ok if you make a mistake because all you have to do is wait till it dries & peel it off or even easier paint over it :) 
I used a variety of polishes & for the most part all of them worked pretty well. The thicker they are the more the color seems to stand out, & some of the thinner polishes created more of a sheer effect. 
Almost finished :)
YAYY, it's ready to be worn!
Here's two more close-ups of the necklace
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, & I can't wait to catch up on all your blogs :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thrifting Haul Video [Memorial Day Weekend]

Hey everyone, hope your 3 day weekend is going well so far!! Last night I went to a BBQ & tomorrow I'm going to my friend's pool so I'd say that I've been lucky enough to have an awesome weekend so far. To kick off Memorial day I went thrifting with my friend Ashley [followed by a buffet dinner I'm still recovering from] & we had such good luck finding great pieces!! I wanted to share with you a thrifting haul video I made to show you all of my fun little purchases :)

Warning: please ignore all my "umms", hair touching, & the weird noise I keep doing throughout the ENTIRE video .. ok enough blabbering here's the video.
I can't wait to wear all these pieces!! Especailly my butterfly floral shorts :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Upstairs on 7th

Two nights ago I went to the May Cap FABB meet-up at Upstairs on 7th. It's such a hidden treasure disguised in a modern looking office building. There were so many cool & beautiful items that it was hard to walk away without buying something! As always it was wonderful getting to mingle with my fellow dmv area bloggers :) I had planned on wearing another skirt, but after sewing it I realized that it was a bit too short. Luckily everything happens for a reason & I ended up being much happier with the second outfit that I picked.
yummy cucpcakes//rainbow clutches//& some stylish attendees :)
LOOOVE all the beautiful bright colors & the beading!! Worn & designed by the talented Sanaa Ansari Khan
Everytime I see this girl [Naja Diamond]she's killing it, This time in Pastels!
Heels-NINE WEST, Skirt & Robe (Worn as Shirt)-THRIFTED, Bandeau-VS, Necklace-EASTERN MARTKET

I was a little nervous about wearing this outfit out in public, but I LOVE so many different aspects of it that I had to give it a go :) I didn't have time to sew the skirt so I safety pinned it. The robe//blouse is one of my favorite thrifted pieces, & I can't wait to wear it with a cute pair of cutoffs. For some reason my lipstick [NYC in Blue Rose] shade looks kind of dark in the outfit pictures, so here's two close up shots that shows the true color better.
PS: I had a FANTASTIC thrifting trip yesterday with so many unique pieces that I can't wait to show you :) I'm going to try & post a thrifting haul video Saturday! So excited for a 3 Day Weekend <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No More Rainbow Bright

Whenever I finally decide to take care of my hair I always go to the same person, Nicole! She's one of my best friends & also one of the best hair stylists I know. She's a perfectionist so you always know that she's going to get it right :) The past several months I have been neglecting my hair which has resulted in it being quite a variety of different shades. Since getting your hair done can get pricey I decided to go back to my natural hair color with the exception of  a few caramely pieces mixed in!I LOOOVE how it turned out! Also the way she cut my hair makes it so much more manageable :)

Can't wait to debut my new/natural hair color at tonight's CAP FABB meet-up!
Hope to see lots of you there tonight<3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Studded Converse D.I.Y.

Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekends so far :) I feel like it's Sunday because I've already had such a fun & packed weekend. This morning I had the pleasure of  taking a makeup class taught by the beautiful & talented Ana B it was so much fun & so informative! I'll share more information about her future classes & pictures from this morning later this week.

When I came back after the makeup lesson I decided that it was FINALLY time to stud my hot pink hightop converses. I've been wanting to stud them for several months since I was initially inspired by sincerely, Jule's studded pair pictured here.
Quick summery of the project
 Any pair of canvas shoes, I thrifted these ones several months ago
 However many studs you plan on using on the shoes, I purchased mine here from ebay
 Depending on how stubborn your studs are will determine if you need a screwdriver or pliers to close the studs
Focusing really hard :)
Happy that I finally started getting the hang of it
 Voila! 20 to 30 minutes later you have a fun updated version of your old plain shoes :)
 The studding was starting to hurt my fingers, so I didn't put at many studs as I wanted to. 
As you can see I did random different patterns on each shoe.
Creepin' in ma new shoes
 I already loved the shoes because they're hot pink, but now with this extra little bling they're pretty much perfect :) If you make or already have a pair of studded converses I'd love to see them!

Friday, May 18, 2012

No Finals=Pizza Party

Yesterday was David's last day of finals & to celebrate I surprised him with a fun dinner date at Pacci's Neapolitan Pizzeria in Silver Spring :) Since we live on our own now we don't go out to eat as much so this was a special treat for both of us! This restaurant has a lovely little outside patio which is perfect for these warm summer nights. We went all out ordering so prepare yourself for lots of food pics, enjoy <3
I forgot how delicious moscato is & treated myself to 2 glasses :) David loves red sauce & I love cheese so it only made sense that we each got our own pizzas! We both finished ours [minus a few pieces of my crust] & topped it off with homemade tiramisu. If you like the photo editing I used this new application called "Pixlromatic" & it's free :) 
If you want to follow me on instagram my name is WaverlyB!
tank, skirt [diy'd], necklace-THRIFTED, purse-RANDOM STORE, shoes-CONVERSE