Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tasty Tuesdays: Pan Seared Salmon

The first Tasty Tuesday post of 2015, and I barely made it in time for the last Tuesday of January! As most of you know New York had a -huge  snow storm aka #Juno, which turned out to only be a couple of inches, but the grocery stores yesterday looked more like people were prepping for an apocalypse. Whole Foods was pure insanity, but lucky for me I know how to beat the system aka I went in the normal line versus the 10 items or less express line & made it out of there in roughly 30 minutes #winning! While fighting my way through the crowded aisles I picked up some wild salmon (farm raised is disgusting, don't do it!), asparagus, & avocado amongst other less healthy goodies for the snow day. In the past I've always prepared salmon the same way by baking it in the oven, but this time I decided to try preparing it a different way .. pan searing. One of the best things about pan searing is that it takes only 10 minutes (following these instructions from my girl Martha) and also gives the salmon skin an awesome crispiness! 

After searing the salmon I poured some of this sauce on top of it along with some sesame seeds. The next time that I make this dish I'm going to add the sauce & sesame seeds to the salmon before finishing it up in the oven so that the sauce has time to thicken up. I love salmon & avocado together so that HAD to happen, not to mention both salmon & avocados are filled with good fats that help lower bad cholesterol & contain omega-3 fatty acids. To add a bit more green to the plate, I roasted some asparagus & chopped garlic in olive oil at 400 degrees until they became tender. Wishing you all a safe & warm week! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Girl's Night in with BELLA on DEMAND

As I'm sure most of you have noticed I've been really busy! Between working 9-6 during the week, nannying on the weekends, and school in the evenings, my time has become more precious to me than ever before. Also, lets be honest one can only work so hard before they need to P L A Y hard :) Which is why my girl's night in with Bella on Demand couldn't have come at a more perfect time! I already knew it was going to be a fun & beauty filled night, since I attended the Bella on Demand launch party on November 12th & was blown away by Bella's stylists. As with all good things, it's always more enjoyable to share it with great company & there was absolutely no shortage of it! It was such an absolute blast being pampered alongside Kelley of Kelley Louise & Gina of What The Doost, they're both so inspiring & there was no shortage of laughter

We had the perfect venue for our girls night in, & really enjoyed our time at The Paper Factory Hotel. Being that I now live in New York I don't get to stay at a lot of hotels, but OMG this hotel is so cute that I'm already planning another stay-cation! We started the night out grabbing a bite to eat at Mundo, while our Bella on Demand stylists headed upstairs to get set up. I can't even tell you how excited I was heading back to our room, I mean who doesn't love getting the royal treatment?! My Bella stylist for the night was the lovely Stacy B, who did a great job of understanding what type of look I was going for & she was able to give my chronically flat hair some SERIOUS volume! I also loved how she shaped my eyebrows, I'm still trying to figure out how she did it. We also were lucky enough to have photographer extraordinare Tutti, who did an awesome job of making us feel comfortable & capturing all of our shenanigans.   

We had one other special guest with us that night, who was the absolute icing on the cake, Bella on Demand Founder & CEO Amy D’Agostino! I met Amy once before at the launch party & was blown away by how brilliant and down to Earth she is. As soon as you start speaking with her you can feel her passion for beauty, & just how much she cares about making Bella on Demand the very best that it can be. Below is one of my favorite pictures from the night that captures the whole crew (minus beautiful Tutti behind the lens)! 

I want to extend a huge T H A N K Y O U to Bella on Demand for treating us to the ultimate girl's night in! They say you are the company you keep, & I'll gladly keep anyone Bella sends my way .. oh yeah, Kelley & Gina you ladies can stay too ;)

PS: I'm excited to offer all you ladies 15% off your next Bella on Demand glam session, just make sure to mention "Pich & Roor"!  

Hair + Make-up by @wearebella Bella www.wearebella.com
Photo by Tutti del Monte Photography, www.tuttidelmonte.com

Special thanks to: 
The Paper Factory Hotel www.thepaperfactoryhotel.com

• Kelley Louise www.kelleylouise.com
• Gina from What the Doost www.whatthedoost.com

**This post was sponsored by Bella on Demand, all opinions are my own**

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Phat Buddha Style: Looks 2 & 3

It's finally Friday, C O N G R A T S you made it :) I'm super excited for this weekend because I have Sunday off from nannying, & I'm going to be making the most of it by attending brunch at Melanie's <3 I also want to check out all the amazing holiday exhibits throughout the city, I'm thinking some ice skating, holiday markets, & lots of hot chocolate! 

One of my favorite makeup looks this time of year is a dark lip, which I included in my second Phat Buddha look. I've gotten so much use out of this army green jacket, it can be layered over body con dresses, distressed jeans, and in this case leggings. To complete this military inspired look I through on some chestnut colored lace-up booties & a spiky necklace. I've been consuming more coffee than usual these past couple of weeks, sometimes for the caffeine & sometimes for the heat :) Even though these first two pictures feature the typical Starbucks cup, my F A V O R I TE place to grab coffee is a sweet little coffee shop a couple blocks down from where I live called Blessings <3


For my third and final Phat Buddha look I went with a super comfy and casual look, perfect for grabbing brunch with the gals. I can't tell you how long I've had this distressed button-up I scored on super sale from victoriassecret.com, but it's another one of those perfect pieces that you can layer over anything! Since I got it forever ago it's not being offered anymore, but I found a similar looking one here on sale at American Eagle for $29.97. It's crazy how much I'm in love with this hat, too bad it's not mine & Iasiah scored it from Urban Outfitters a while ago which means I'm still on the hunt! Even though I kind of feel like I look like a preacher in it, I'm obsessed with how well it works with so many different looks. 

Leggings-C/O PHAT BUDDHA, Hat-C/O my talented friend & photographer Iasiah :)

To see the complete first look click here. I had so much fun putting these three looks together, & am still trying to figure out which one is my favorite. Each of them is "so me" .. I mean obviously because I picked them out, but mainly because I've worn each of these outfits so many times! I mean I'm even wearing the freaking leggings now as I type out this post lol. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & I encourage all of you to take the time to let someone special to you know just how much they mean to you! One person that I'm going to be calling this weekend is my Dad, because he's constantly working so hard & I don't make enough time to tell him how much I love him <3

Monday, December 1, 2014

Review: Lash Extensions

I don't know about you ladies, but I'm pretty lazy in the morning when it comes to makeup. That being said, I like to look presentable/alive when I go outside to take on the world .. which means that I like to have a little makeup on for backup :) Since I've moved to New York I've seen some pretty stylish people, I mean even in "sweats" running to grab a weekend coffee they look good! Anyways, the point is I wanted a shortcut to looking good which lead to this mathematical equation: 

Hate taking off mascara + No time to do Makeup in the AM = Eyelash Extensions  

I know, I know, I'm brilliant :) I was pretty nervous at first about having someone dabbling with my precious lashes, but after talking with a couple friends who get them regularly I figured I'd give it a go. I found an awesome deal on Groupon for EyeLoveLash where you could get a full set of natural mink lashes (50 pieces per eye) for $35.00. Once I got there the lady asked me what style I wanted which included Glam, Sexy, or Cute .. yeah I know, decisions decisions :) I opted for "Glam" and 1.5 hours later after having my eyelids taped shut & all sorts of crazy thoughts running through my head about what I was going to look like ..  I was introduced to my new lashes! I'll let the before & after pictures do the talking. 

I absolutely loved how my lashes turned out, & they were definitely noticeable while still giving a very natural non-Nikki Minaj vibe. The lady who did my extensions was very gentle, & even added in some additional lashes free of charge to make sure I had an even look. The lashes lasted for almost an entire month without requiring any mascara. One of my eyes lost the lashes at a faster rate that the other eye so I added a little mascara & it looked totally fine. The first two days I had my lashes I washed my face with a damp towel as to avoid water coming into contact with my eyes. In the first 3 weeks that I had my lashes the only additional makeup that I wore was tinted moisturizer, bronzer, & blush. Once I started to notice a few of the eyelashes had fallen off I used a little eyeshadow & mascara. The only problem with using additional eye makeup is that makeup remover & cotton balls/wipes sometimes catch the lashes & pull them off. Therefore, I tried to be really careful when taking off any additional eye makeup & made sure not to use an oil based makeup remover. I absolutely LOVED having eyelash extensions & would totally recommend them to anyone who wants a "built in" glamorous look, the only downside is that they're addicting! All of mine are grown out at this point except for 1 or 2 lashes, and I'd love to get them done again .. but money is tight so I have to wait lol :( However, I might totally cave & get them again in time again for New Years, & you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be getting them in the Summer .. who wants to sweat their mascara off running to catch the train!

This review is only for my one experience at this particular company and location, so I can't comment on how the service is done at other places. This post isn't sponsored, I paid for the lashes myself, & all the opinions expressed in the post are my own. 

Have any of you gotten eyelash extensions before?! I'm thinking of trying an eyelash growth serum next to see if it works, because they're a lot cheaper than getting extensions. 

Phat Buddha Style: Look 1

Happy Monday :) I'm so excited to share with all of you the first look I put together for a 3 Way Style Challenge I shot for Phat Buddha. I have been interning there for the past few months, and wanted to showcase how versatile their pieces are. Two of my favorites from their most recent collection are the 'Hubert' tank & the 'Houston' legging, which are both beyond comfy! Since moving to New York I've learned that everyone here wears multiple hats, and are constantly on the go. With that as my inspiration, I set off to create 3 different looks wearing the two classic pieces. My inspiration behind this look was creating a fun & vibrant date night look that's easy to throw together with the addition of bold accessories <3


To recreate this look all you need is a fitted blazer, a statement necklace, printed pumps, & a vibrant lipstick <3 I can't wait to share the next two looks with you later this week, I'll give you a hint .. one is military inspired & the other is perfect for grabbing brunch with the girls :)

Huge thanks so Iasiah Pickens for being such a great friend & photographer!