Thursday, April 17, 2014

Merlot's Masterpiece

Last week I had the pleasure of attending "Bright Lights Big City" at Merlot's Masterpiece. This awesome little U Street gem is such a fun concept, I mean who doesn't love wine & painting!? Before you start getting all concerned about the fact that you haven't painted since high school or the fact that you don't have an artistic bone in your body BREEEATHE, the instructors are really patient & walk you through step by step. I was really excited when I found out that we were painting a cityscape, since it's just another fun reminder that I'm moving to New York :) Sorry if all the NY talk is boring you, but it's literally on my mind 24/7! 
A nice glass of wine upon arrival & a couple more later to assist with my painting confidence :)
All the materials you need are waiting for you at your station
They also had some delicious cupcakes & a cheese platter waiting for us! I really wish I remembered the name of the cupcakes, but they were fantastic .. the lemon blueberry one pictured above was the top contender  <3
The staff of Merlot's Masterpiece, they were all so friendly & inviting! 
You can tell that they all really enjoy what they do which I absolutely loved. 
Armed & ready to attack the canvas :)
I tried to snap a couple shots of the work in progress. 
One of my favorite parts of the experience was seeing how everyone's paintings turned out. You could tell we were all painting the same thing, but it was cool to see all the different variations. 
Taaa-daa, all finished & ready to take home!
I had the pleasure of painting next to Dana, & boy did we have a blast :)

This was my first experience sipping & painting, & I most definitely recommend it as a fun alternative to the bar scene. I also think it'd be great for a more low key bachelorette or birthday party, it's relaxing & fun. They have different instructors & different paintings, so you can check out their calendar to see what piece you'd like in your home :) Thanks so much Merlot's Masterpiece for having me, & I can't wait to find the perfect spot to hang my artwork in my new apartment!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#StyledByShellBCheri // Trisha [[Fashion According to the Menu]]

I'm so excited to share with all of you my first experience as a "stylist"! I wouldn't quite call myself a stylist just yet, but I did have the pleasure of styling two of the ladies from Shell B's Blogger Shoot. Today's post is going to be on my experience styling Trisha, from Fashion According to the Menu. I have been friends with Trisha for several years now, and I was so excited that she agreed to take part in the photo shoot! When I walked into her closet .. yes it's a walk in .. and yes it's almost the same size as the room I'm living in right now, I was taken aback by ALL THE SHOES!! She originally was going to pick shoes as her "trouble item", but I wanted more of a challenge & asked her to pick a piece of clothing. We looked at several different skirts before deciding on the gorgeous vintage blue/purple fitted pencil skirt. I was definitely drawn to the skirt's color, it was so gorgeous & vibrant, & I really wanted to find a way to style it that would match Trisha's personality :)
[[photos by Ashley]]

I didn't want to go for the whole color block theme, so I decided on a striped top that commanded a lot of attention, while still complimenting the skirt. The rest of the pieces pretty much fell into place, the magazine clutch was too cute to pass up, and since purple & yellow are contrasting colors I knew that the bold shoes would "punch up" the outfit (<< just made "punch up" hope it makes sense!). Trisha has awesome legs, & I loved how the skirt hit right below the knee showcasing them & her awesome strappy heels. It was such a fun experience, & it definitely gave me the "styling bug", I hope you all enjoy her outfit <3 


Describe your style in three words? Sophisticated, Sexy, & Chic
What is your least favorite season to style? The dead of Summer when you just want to be naked!
If you could pick any celebrity style bff, who would you pick & why? Beyonce & Khloe Kardashian morphed together, Bey for glamour & Khloe for her casual outfits that she makes look amazing! 
Your house is on fire, the one thing you would grab? My Giuseppess, I wouldn't let them burn, they're too pretty! 
What is a trend you can't get behind? Wedge Sneakers

PS: Check back later this week to hear about how I styled Vivi!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since moving back in with David's parents we've I've been eating a lot of sweets! Living in a house with two bakers, his mom & sister, who are constantly whipping up all sorts of delicious things from last week's French Apple Cake to cookie-in-a-cup is pretty dangerous for the waistline (gotta put it more time at the gym!). Regardless of all that, today I'm bringing you Martha Stewart's Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies, which I actually helped make! Since they're flourless I'm slightly tempted to refer to them as healthy but I won't, I'm warning you though it's hard to stop after 3 :) If you like chewy softer cookies then these are the ones for you, I also want to try adding some oats next time for more texture. 
When we took the cookies out of the oven they were really puffy, we used the bottom of the measuring cup to flatten them out. Once they cooled we attempted to make ice cream sandwiches, but these cookies were a little too crumbly to hold the ice cream. It turned out to be a complete mess, but let me tell you the banana-peanut butter-chocolate chip combo is perfection & I ended up just throwing all of it in a bowl & chowing down! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

OOTD: #StyledByShellBCheri

I've been waiting several weeks to share this post, & I'm so happy the day has finally come! Months ago while chatting over dinner Shell B explained to Ashley & I her concept for a blogger photo shoot. Having been a part of one of Shell B's past runway shows I knew that this photo shoot was going to be a lot of fun & really colorful :) The concept behind the outfits was to style bloggers in a "trouble/forgotten/never worn" piece, which I loved since it provided a little insight into otherwise flawless wardrobes. Shell B has such a beautiful & bold personality, & it most definitely comes through when she styles people. Oh yeah & she also let me in on a little bit of the styling fun, & I got to style two of my favs Trisha & Vivi for the shoot <3 Enjoy!

For my piece I chose a vintage nurse uniform dress I thrifted months ago & dyed red on my stove. Needless to say when she reached for it I was excited, but unsure of how it was going to work out. I really liked the silhouette of it, but could never figure out how to style it so of course it was the perfect piece for her project. We tried several different pairs of heels until she stumbled upon my snakeskin ankle strap heels that I bought back in 2011 at Charlotte Russe. I NEVER would have thought to pair the two together, but of course Shelby knows best & I wasn't about to argue with the master. Next up "accessories", instead of going for a necklace or bracelets she reached for my bold Guatemalan belt/headband & proceeded to tie it around the waist of the dress .. WITH THE SNAKESKIN HEELS!?! ... PATTERN OVERLOAD/MAJOR CLASHING .. but then I looked in the mirror & saw that it actually worked, Shelby:1 Wave:0. One of the best things about having such stylish friends, is that they're able to see things that you can't see, or that you might be afraid to try. I am so pleased with how my final outfit came out, & had such a fun time styling & participating in the photo shoot with such an amazing team! Fun fact, this outfit including the clutch & heels cost under $30, Dress-$5, Clutch-$10, Heels-$12, Belt-$1 :)

Stylist/Mastermind: Shell B Cheri
Main Photographer: Ashley Lettich (Individual & Group Shots)
Photographer: Julien Garman
Photographer: Rosa
Makeup Artist: Elle Choi << I looooved my makeup, thanks <3

Make sure to check out all the other awesome looks from the shoot!!

Thanks so much for snapping this last picture Julien, I absolutely love it <3

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Now that you've all seen what I wore to #ThriftWithNic it's time to talk about all the good stuff! I've known Whitney for a while now & over the years I've followed her thrifting action via computer & let me tell you she is good :) Vivi & I attended her #ThriftWithNic event this past Saturday at the Annandale Goodwill, which was a fun morning filled with thrifting, donuts, & wonderful ladies! I've been thrifting for the majority of my life & thought that I knew all the ins & outs of it, but Whitney definitely addressed some great points about thrifting that never even crossed my mind. 
  • Making a List of Needs & Wants
  • Making a budget BEFORE thrifting
  • Finding out the store's restocking schedule
  • Calling ahead to see what specials they have that week 

Comfy new Topshop slip-ons made for thrifting <3
Whitney giving us some tips & advice on thrifting, how cute is her little sis helping out!?
Vivi searching through the dresses in style, her print mixing was too good!
no words needed :)
So happy I got to see Kristen, who ended up finding my new favorite purse!! 
With the lady of the hour after a wonderful afternoon of thrifting <3
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