Saturday, May 28, 2011

X-O-X-O Gossip Girl

Hello Ladies <3 I'm in a FABULOUS mood today! I'm laying in bed (I got to leave early from work) watching the 6th season of SEX in the City! Watching it makes me wanna move to NYC, get a fabulous job, & prance around in Manolo Blahniks all day (A girl can dream right?) . Anyways all this talk about NY made me really want to go back! I went to NYC last October with my best friend Jenn & we had the most wonderful time. We stayed at her Aunt's BEEEEAUTIFUL pent house which sits right on the East River. We were lucky enough to stay there for an extended weekend & I just wanted to share some of the pics from the trip. Hopefully I'll be visiting my sister Jessica there sometime this summer. 

Outfit for our 1st night out in NY
BLOUSE:thrifted, SKIRT:express, BOOTS:isaac mizrahi
I got called "ZEBRA". "REFEREE". & "CONVICT" lol
the price we pay for trying to be fashionable

the W I S H tree
YUMMY lunch in SOHO
& if you're wondering about the title we were watching Gossip Girl when we got home, & we were excited to see a lot of familiar places we had just visited...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

D.I.Y. from Dress to Skirt

Ok so I LOVE D.I.Y. projects, but I usually find a way of making really simple projects WAYYY more complex than they need to be. With that said, I took on transforming a maxi dress from last summer which I only wore once into a maxi skirt (& yes I know everyone is doing this lol). First I thought I "measured" how long the skirt had to be, but of course I cut it too short & then had to sew more of the excess fabric to it so that it would actually BE a maxi skirt not a mini skirt. So here are the pics that go along with this saga...
pre snip
no I'm not pregnant lol this dress just isn't too flattering to my middle section
I cut off the braid to use as a cinch for the waist portion of the dress
The first time (when I cut it too short)

See I wasn't kidding it really was THAT bad
which is why I flipped the waist band over to cover it!! (genius I know)
The recycled drawstring braid ^

& alas the piece de resistance!!

 Yupp I'm pretty pleased with the results & can't wait to take some nice pictures in my "new" maxi skirt. Hope everyone has a Terrific Thursday!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I ran a couple miles this morning (trying to slim down) & I came home STARRRVING ... what to eat what to eat I was really hungry but I didn't want to eat something super heavy so I made a panini. My mother in law is from Italy & she had made fresh focaccia yesterday so I used that for the bread & I topped it with turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, muenster cheese, freshly roasted peppers, & topped off with some homemade italian dressing. Throw it in the panini grill & ENJOY!!
Today was filled with laundry, booking appointments, & of course cleaning .... therefore a very casual comfy outfit was required so here it goes ..

alrighty lovelys I'm off to work

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Latin Quarter

Last night after an afternoon full of work I was lucky enough to get to hang out with my friend D. We enjoyed lounging around her apartment catching up on funny work stories & sipping wine. It was her friend's birthday last night so I went with her to Latin Quarter where we danced our little booties off on the roof top bar! I had a lot of fun & want to go back there to have dinner on the roof. Almost exactly 1 month left til I start my new job and one of the perks of this new job is that I'm totally unprepared clothes wise, so I'm enjoying buying new clothes to suite this job. Hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday ... here are some outfit shots from last night!

 leopard skirt-H&M, tank top-TARGET, wedges-FRANCESCA'S COLLECTION, 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ok so I got my hair done yesterday by my lovely friend Nikki at Image Creators Salon! I really really LOVE it! When I came home last night & showed David my hair for the first time his response was "Uhh I don't know I really don't know .. it's too much for me to take in right now." Haha I bet when you see my hair you won't even be able to see much of a difference. I basically just got highlights everywhere, I'm considering adding more blonde to it but idk. PS: I have no makeup on so sorry I look so rough! lol

On to more exciting news I got the job that I interviewed for a couple weeks ago & I'm soooo excited for it! I'll be able to spend more time with my husband & friends, not to mention I won't have to waitress & life guard every day of my life! Yupp pretty cool, so to celebrate I went on a mini little shopping spree to H&M and Old Navy followed by a lunch date w/ David at 5 guys (YUMMM). Well I gotta go to life guarding because unfortunately I'm still employed there til the beginning of July.

Casual Chic a la Old Navy

Going TRIBAL @ H&M


Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm never one to be excited about Mondays or mornings in general, but this is the first week that is entirely & completely school FREE! My husband had his last final this morning & being the awesome wife that I am lol I made breakfast so that he'd have some fuel for his last final also I was super hungry so I needed breakfast too :)

1 plain bagel
2 turkey sausage links cut in 1/2
1 egg prepared how you like
add cream cheese if you're a fatty like me
panini it & ENJOY !

On a sad note my wonderful, shiny, life-giving I-pod died last night & not in the sense that I've been neglecting to charge it, but in the sense that it's going to that big scrap medal recycling bin in the sky :( You've been a great MP-3 player & you'll be greatly missed until I find a replacement lol & YES I've been in a very dramatic mood lately in case you haven't noticed. 

 I'm so excited to get my hair colored this week! Sorry for the emotional/scatter brained roller coaster I'm sending you on lol I won't tell you exactly what I'm getting done I don't think it'll be super dramatic but it'll be a nice change for the summer ...
hope you have a magnificent Monday!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm done with FINALS! TOO excited to even think strait lol. Last Saturday my BFF since 3rd grade came to visit all the way from the GREAT STATE of O-H-I-O (I'm a little biassed because I'm a midwest girl). Anyways David & I had a yummy dinner with Raychelle  & her BF Andy... so here are some pics 
the scarf is a result of too much Mad Men 
dinner @ Blue Grass
me & raych
David's Face = Priceless
after dinner 
view from their hotel
sorry for the poor quality of the pics I NEED a new camera!
I'm wearing an old Cotton-On dress which I bought when we lived in Sydney
 & white converses comfy & cute! 
So pumped for the weekend .. what do you guys have planned??