Thursday, January 27, 2011

red lips & electric hips

a couple photos from the little shoot we did over the weekend.. hope you enjoy <3

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Alrighty, so it's not a secret to anyone who knows me that cooking is not my thing. Eating is my thing, I could literally do it all day, and somedays I do lol. This past Friday was my husband's birthday, and for the past two years I have been preparing a 'Special' bday meal for him (any cooking that I do I consider special) this year it was the day after his bday because I worked a double Friday (@ the steak house). I did most of the grocery shopping Thursday, and started preparing the marinade Friday night after work which went from 12:30-3 A.M.!! It was worth it though the cooking went shockingly well & the food turned out YUMMY!! I should probably let you know what I made by now. I made a teriyaki sauce from scratch & marinated the chicken in it, vegetable fried rice, crunchy asian salad, & a SNICKERS CAKE (the best part of the whole meal) . I tried to take some pictures to document that I did in fact prepare & cook the meal myself. 

 fresh ingredients for the teriyaki sauce & the link to the marinade is here

I'm not going to bore you with the other recipes, but I have a couple of other pictures from the meal! & after cooking this meal I really felt accomplished & dare I say it I may cook more than 1 meal a year!!
Before & After
Happpppyy BIRTHDAY!!! To the Love of my life, my better half, & my BESTFRIEND!!
I'm a very lucky girl & I wish you the best for the next year (& all the years to come Duhhh)

*It's snowing outside & I totally wouldn't mind not having school tomorrow :)



Monday, January 24, 2011


making teriyaki sauce

Alright sooo I have definitely been neglecting the blog, but I have "legitimate" excuses. First of all Friday was David's 22nd birthday & I worked a double at the restaurant. I didn't get home until after midnight :-/  blehh and instead of just falling asleep I started preparing the food for David's b-day lunch with the family Saturday afternoon. I was sooo tired but I had to start prepping because I knew that I would sleep in Saturday morning so the less I'd have to do then the better. While preparing the food I watched 'Pretty Little Liars' (don't judge me) my little sister watches the show & I was like "ehh I'll give it a go" plus who doesn't want to have their mind numbed after a long day at work?! Long story short .. I'm hooked. Alrighty so I'm going to put pictures & the recipes up later when I have more time. Last night I had a "photo shoot" with my sister .. haha we have way too much fun doing them, but yeah she just started taking a photography class so hopefully that will result in me looking better. Anyways hope everyone had a great weekend .. eww I just remembered I start school tomorrow.. I'm gonna leave you with a sneak of some of this past weekends pictures.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

from cruising to snoooooozing

Hello Hello again!! So finally getting back into the swing of things and checking back into reality. It's really hard to get used to being back on a schedule & not sleeping in lol. As you will soon find out I LOVE making lists so I'm going to make a list of the highlights from our cruise!
  • David & I finally got to hang out together without school or work getting in the way (however he still found ways to watch ESPN :[    )
  • We met lovely people from all over the world & got to hang out with them over the course of a week
  • I finally got to visit Grand Cayman & JAMAICA!! (I hadn't been to either of those places before)
  • OMG I don't know how I got to bullet number four without talking about food .. It was awesome we had lobster tails, duck, scallops, steaks, yummy salads..(Our waiter couldn't stand me because I always ordered two appetizers & two entrees, my thinking is I payed for this already & I can't let it go to waste :)
  • Ohh another thing I finally got to wear some of the dresses in my closet that I never get to wear, so be ready to be BOMBARDED by pictures in the next couple of entries 
For now I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip!! Oh yeah and I forgot to mention with my whole back to reality thing it's FREEEEEEEEZING so anyone else stuck in this cold weather I feel your pain .. can we please move somewhere warm!?

Excited to finally be in our room!
Time for the beach :)
COZUMEL, Sippin' on "Mexican Gatorade"
The Navigator of the Sea
Some little souvineers we picked up while in Cozumel
Enjoying one of many coffees, he loves having his picture taken

Best lunch ever!! (nachos & wraps) muy delicioso!!

Alright & Now ready for the reality check, this picture is from yesterday
Playing in the snow with my friends & Moose Man

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ciao USA .. well at least for a week

Eeeeek it's 4:25 am & I'm almost finished packing .. aside from the couch full of clothes & shoes that must be on the plane with me in a matter of hours. Our flight leaves at 12 tomorrow to Ft. Lauderdale which is where our port is for the cruise. I'm so excited it's a little bit ridiculous, but this is the first time that David & I have gotten to go on a vacation just the two of us since we've been together (this is our 5 month late honeymoon lol). I'm also excited that I get to wear the clothes in my closet, instead of my usual all black waitressing uniform or my life-guard swimsuit (talk about unflattering). Anyways I wanted to take some pictures while I was packing which of course seemed like the logical thing to do especially when one is dipping into the wee hours of the morning. Oh well I enjoy looking and reading colorful blogs, so I'm going to try and make sure that mine meets that criteria! Talk to you guys in a week!!!
my last minute packing list (really hope I didn't forget anything too crucial)
my daytime wardrobe 8-)

prepare to be overloaded with plenty of stories & pictures when we get back in a week!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

                                     Happy Birthday 2011!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful New Years Eve & New Years Day! I spent NYE working (boooo!) it was a 13 hr day at the restaurant, but it's ok because I got to the party just in time to kiss David at midnight. His best friend Justin's birthday was NYE so we had a house party for him filled with friends and champagne! I really feel like this new year is gonna be great (so typical I know). I love new years because it just seems like everything is fresh & new. So far I have a few resolutions that i'd like to accomplish this year.

1. Call my little sister up more often (or @ least text)
2. Cook more than once a year (haha I only cook on David's b-day)
3. LESS TV & MORE Outside
4. Purchase staple pieces instead of impulse buying :]
5. Tell those around me how much I LOVE them!!

Best of luck to all of you this year .. I'm gonna leave you with some pictures from last night,

kiss @ midnight

Becca & I
Birthday Boy & David
Charles & I