Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tasty Tuesdays: Chickpea, wild garlic, & Spinach Soup

One of the coolest things that's come out of my blog, has been all the delicious recipes & cook books I've been introduced to. When Gut Gastronomy reached out to me about possibly featuring a recipe from their book I was really excited, because their recipes are focused around creating a deeper understanding of how foods affect digestion & health. Once I received the beautiful book I was blown away by how much knowledge has been crammed into each page! My personal favorite things to learn about so far are "good fats", and of course all the gorgeous pictures help when deciding which dish to make. I decided to make this Chickpea, Wild Garlic, & Spinach Soup to "break" my juice cleanse. It's important when ending a fast or cleanse to go easy on your body, and this soup was a great way to transition into more solid food. This soup is packed with some serious flavor & of course tons of nutrients! I'm also happy that I've finally seen the light .. aka how awesome and versatile chickpeas are.

I have really enjoyed using my blender these past couple of months to make soup, & the chickpeas in the recipe added just the right amount of thickness to the soup. Once you're able to round up all of the ingredients this recipe is super simple & easy to make. I made extra curried chickpeas to snack on & I think I may have come across a not so guilty pleasure :) If you don't have time to make the chicken broth from the book, you can substitute organic chicken broth like I did to save on time. Anyways, this soup is a great dinner option that will have you ready to throw on that bikini in no time! 

I can't wait to share how I made sweats "chic" on vacation, you'll have to check back later this week to see how I pulled that one off lol. 

PS: I have an interview for an actual 9-5 job in the fashion industry aka my dream on Thursday!! Hopefully I'll have some good news to share with you on that later **fingers crossed** .. Oh yeah, and I'm sure you saw on Instagram that I'm down to my one final class before getting my degreee :)

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  1. yum! and that cookbook sounds awesome!

    xx nikki


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