Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fashion Week F/W 15

This past September was my first time ever attending Fashion Week, and yesterday I attended my first ever Fall/Winter Fashion Week. Let me tell you, it was such a different atmosphere at Lincoln Center versus when it was warm in September. Instead of just doing a recap on the two shows that I saw yesterday, I decided to do a complete wrap up of the day in the form of a life/diary type of post .. I hope you enjoy it!

7:30 AM
Turn my alarm off for the second time, roll over, and fall back asleep.

8:00 AM
Freeeeak out thinking I slept through all the shows & shoot out of bed! Check my phone, which is charging for a day full of picture taking & social media updating. After double checking that my camera battery camera was actually in the camera, I dumped out my purse to make sure that I had all my essentials for the day. You never know where you going to end up throughout the day so it's important to bring a snack, & comfy shoes for trekking through the city.

8:15 AM
I tried to cancel out the 29084 pieces of chocolate that I ate the night before by making a banana + cashew butter + kale + almond milk smoothie, then tried to slide my knock off spanks up my freezing body. I picked out my outfit the night before & decided to wear leggings under my black fitted skirt for added warmth. 

8:20 AM 
I realized that my hair was completely flat .. as per usual -____- but decided to go the unexpected root of doing a half top knot & leaving the rest of my hair down. It was the first time I'd ever worn my hair like that, but it ended up paying off in the end, because it took exactly 2 minutes & it later got me an unexpected photo-op. 

8:30 AM
I attempted to put some light pink lipstick on & quickly learned that my cracked chapped lips looked even worse with that little pop of pink. After aggressively wiping it off my lips with my favorite makeup remover wipes, I slipped on my "comfy" shoes & headed out into the arctic weather to grab the Q train into the city. 

9:40 AM
I somehow ended up getting to Lincoln Center early & decided to grab a caramel macchiato at Starbucks to defrost my frozen limbs. There were a lot of other Fashion Week people at the Starbucks & I had an awesome front row seat to some serious people & outfit watching :) I quickly realized that I had for shore selected the wrong/worst shoes for the frigid temps & that I should have gone with a pair of booties.

9:55 AM
Power walked the one block to Lincoln Center & went through the magical doors that lead to the promised land. As usual there were a ton of people in line for the show, particularly the standing section which always turns into a stampede. 

10:15 AM
While waiting in line I spotted a petite ginger with amazing hair & had a hunch that it was one of my old DC blogger pals, sure enough it was Alison from Chain Strap Purse. It was really awesome seeing a familiar face, and we quickly made our way inside to find seats for the show. I was so happy that we were able to find seating, and I was even able to grab another seat for my Fashion Week partner Keri of A Diva State of Mind. Shows are always a lot more enjoyable when you have someone to share them with, & to pick out favorite pieces throughout the show. 

10:25 AM
The first show was Mongol by Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu, which started off with a man playing a traditional Mongolian stringed instrument followed by dubstep music & another man singing/rapping. To see the runway show for yourself, click here. I really liked that they took time before the runway show to set a cultural vibe, which tied in perfectly with the collection. 

During the show I jotted down a couple trends & notes about the collection including: 

-Cut Out Shoulders
-Beaded Head Pieces
-Vibrant Silks
-Bright Bold Plastics
-Hot Pinks & Greens
-Long Dramatic Fringe & Fur Details

Below are some of my favorite shots from Mongol F/W 15 [Images via MBFW]

10:55 AM
After exiting Mongol, Keri & I had to power walk over to the Salon, which was where the Mark & Estel Collection was being presented. While in line we ran into another familiar DC face, Dana of Skinny Girls Like To Eat Too & had to take an usie. Once we were in we had fun spotting celebrities like Tim Gunn & thinking of funny things we would say to them :) We had seat assignments for the show, but ended up getting even better seats .. thank you fashion karma! 

11:15 AM
The first thing that caught my attention even before the clothes was the sort of haunted creepy music that quickly picked up & became more upbeat throughout the show. The models had coal lined eyes, bouncy curls, fishnets, & so many stylish hats! I really enjoyed this collection & all the 60/70's Frenchy vibes that they were giving, click here to see the complete show. The show wrapped up pretty quickly, but what we didn't know was that Mark & Estel were going to come out & preform their music for us (it starts at 9:43 in the video). At the end they started yelling out "You Are A Fashion Roackstar" over & over .. it was kinda crazy, but I thought it was nice that they were so encouraging to the audience :) 

During the show I jotted down a couple trends & notes about the collection including: 

-Sheer Plaid
-Thigh High Fishnets
-Reds, Whites, & Blacks

After looking at these high resolution images I got to see the fabrics up close, & saw that they incorporated their name into some of the fabrics.Below are some of my favorite shots from Mark & Estel F/W 15 [Images via MBFW]

11:45 AM
I only had tickets to two shows, and was ready to leave when I got stopped by Tresemme, who wanted to take a picture of my half up topknot. They told me that it was an upcoming trend for 2015 & that I was one of the only people they'd seen wearing it. Of course I was super excited, who knows if I'll ever see the picture but either way it was a fun fashion week memory. 

12:00 PM
Being the "good" bloggers that we are Keri & I braved the cold to take a couple of outfit posts. My roommate has the most FABULOUS Tahari coat, which she leant me for the day & it was definitely the star of my outfit. After I'd lost all feeling in my fingers & toes, Keri & I hopped in a cab back to her hotel.

12:15 PM
HANGER started to set it, & Keri had to leave back to Maryland so we grabbed a quick bite at good old Subway. I know what you're thinking .. there are a million yummy restaurants in the city why Subway?! Let me tell you that $4.75 6-inch  toasted spicy italian hit the spot :) Then back to the BK I went to snuggle with the husband. 

Yup, that was a very detailed look at my first day at this season's fashion week & I'm excited for the couple of shows I have lined up next week. Check back soon to see what I wore when I got frost bite at Lincoln Center .. just kidding!

PS: Happy Valentine's Day, thanks Tammy for the Mongol ticket, & thanks for reading the longest post ever in the history of this blog!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Wish I could go!

  2. sounds like so much fun!!

    xx nikki

  3. Girl, this post wasn't long at all. I guess because I truly enjoyed reading your morning at NYFW. And how awesome that you ran into a couple of DC bloggers. We everywhere, yo.


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