Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tasty Tuesdays: Pan Seared Salmon

The first Tasty Tuesday post of 2015, and I barely made it in time for the last Tuesday of January! As most of you know New York had a -huge  snow storm aka #Juno, which turned out to only be a couple of inches, but the grocery stores yesterday looked more like people were prepping for an apocalypse. Whole Foods was pure insanity, but lucky for me I know how to beat the system aka I went in the normal line versus the 10 items or less express line & made it out of there in roughly 30 minutes #winning! While fighting my way through the crowded aisles I picked up some wild salmon (farm raised is disgusting, don't do it!), asparagus, & avocado amongst other less healthy goodies for the snow day. In the past I've always prepared salmon the same way by baking it in the oven, but this time I decided to try preparing it a different way .. pan searing. One of the best things about pan searing is that it takes only 10 minutes (following these instructions from my girl Martha) and also gives the salmon skin an awesome crispiness! 

After searing the salmon I poured some of this sauce on top of it along with some sesame seeds. The next time that I make this dish I'm going to add the sauce & sesame seeds to the salmon before finishing it up in the oven so that the sauce has time to thicken up. I love salmon & avocado together so that HAD to happen, not to mention both salmon & avocados are filled with good fats that help lower bad cholesterol & contain omega-3 fatty acids. To add a bit more green to the plate, I roasted some asparagus & chopped garlic in olive oil at 400 degrees until they became tender. Wishing you all a safe & warm week! 


  1. yum!! this looks so good!

    xx nikki

  2. I've never had pan seared salmon. It has to be done the right way for me to like it.. haha. This looks so good!


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