Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: 7 Layer Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I know what you're thinking two oatmeal desserts two weeks in a row .. come on Waverly branch out a bit! In my defense,  I was sent the most generous box of chocolates this past Saturday from Pascha Chocolate & I knew that I had to make something amazing with the chocolates that they sent me. In light of it being Thanksgiving this week I decided to choose a "Tasty Tuesday" recipe in honor of the one person I'm most thankful for, my husband, who loves anything with coconut & chocolate <3 We've been together since high school, and let me tell you this man gets better and better every year! These past six months have been pretty crazy since we literally packed up our lives & moved to New York, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. There's no way that I could handle all the challenges and new experiences New York has brought into my life without his love & support. All that mushy stuff being said .. let's get to the chocolate aka the cookie/candy bars that I made this afternoon! Thank you Half Baked Harvest for sharing this scrumptious recipe with me :)

Have any of you ever clicked on the little adds that pop up on the side of your screen? The other day I saw one from Motts saying how you can substitute a 1/2 cup of applesauce in place of vegetable oil in baking recipes .. so I gave it a shot in this one :) Other than the texture being a little different I didn't notice much of a difference & neither did the hubby #winning!

Special thanks again to Pascha Chocolate for supplying me with the most intense and rich chocolate that I've ever had the pleasure of inhaling  eating. Another thing I'm truly thankful for is my health, which a lot of times I take for granted. A small example of something I think a lot of us don't think about is how easy we have it grocery shopping. I can pretty much walk into the grocery store or bodega whenever I want & grab anything off the shelf without having to read through every ingredient. One of my cousins Erin, has a little girl who is allergic to nearly everything, which requires her to make almost everything her daughter eats from scratch to ensure that it doesn't have any contaminants. That being said, I think it's awesome that Pascha Chocolate has created a quality organic fair trade product that is free from peanuts, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, wheat, & gluten, providing a chocolate fix to those who have to be so very careful of what they consume. Wishing you all a sweet rest of the week & a Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

PS: You still have time to enter the NYC Getaway Giveaway :)


  1. yum!! this looks amazing!

    xx nikki

  2. Ummmmm trying not to lick my computer, that look soooo good!


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