Sunday, September 14, 2014

NYC Beaches

Ahh, I forgot to post this Labor Day weekend & now the weather is starting to cool down, but it's nice to look back on fun summer memories! I have to say that I really made the most of the 3 day Labor Day weekend! I went to the beach 3 times & finally got a nice dose of the vitamin D that I'd been craving :) When I think of New York I don't think of beaches, but one of the most pleasant surprises we've had since moving here is that we have a beach only 20 minutes from our apartment! Thanks to living in Australia right after high school David & I have been thoroughly spoiled by beautiful beaches, that being said I was pretty pleased by what the NYC public beaches had to offer. Brighton Beach, Coney Island, & Far Rockaway Beach were all pretty clean, the sand was soft, & they weren't insanely crowded .. 3 things that I care about when it comes to beaches :)

20 minutes from our apartment
Not super crowded
Perfect for beach picnics

Fun atmosphere
Boardwalk rides
Delicious funnel cake 

Feels like a beach town
Amazing fish tacos
Soft sand

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  1. i'm not ready for summer to endd!



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