Sunday, August 17, 2014

OOTD: Wedding White

Earlier this month we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary! It's pretty crazy how fast these 4 years have flown by, but I guess that means we're having fun :) Instead of going to a fancy dinner like we typically do, we opted for a casual little BBQ joint in Park Slope. I think it's very easy these days to get caught up in material things, which makes it harder & harder to appreciate/enjoy some of the sweetest moments in life. Moving to New York I've seen so many amazing things, & met some fabulous people, but all that glitter & gold means nothing if you don't have someone to share it with. In the past 2 months that we've been living here I've learned just how lucky I am to have such a great man by my side, who supports all my crazy ideas (ok, not all of them but a lot hehe) & gave me the last bite of his sandwich last night .. which is definitely true love <3 


I don't think I've ever worn jeans to celebrate our anniversary, and usually opt for a pretty dress & a pair of sky high heels (Yr 3, Yr 2, Yr 1). This year I decided to just go with jeans, a white tee, booties, & a bold statement purse, which might seem boring to some but I felt so happy/pretty in it. We took these photos right before dinner & I have to say they're some of my favorite pictures because you can tell how much fun we were having :) It was also David's idea to have me hold up the purse in the last photo, I never thought I'd see the day where he'd be giving me direction for outfit posts. After dinner we wanted to see a movie, but were too late .. lucky for us this is NYC & there was an amazing FREE outdoor concert one block away! I can't wait to see what this new year together will bring <3


  1. Happy Anniversary! Four years already. Craziness. I think I met you in the middle of Year 2. Time flies, man.

    Anywho, cute outfit. And yay for David giving ideas. Next thing you know he may start doing his own outfit posts himself. I'll be watching out for this page. lolol.

  2. i love that tank! so cute!


  3. Happy Anniversary! You look great, loving the red purse! Wishing you many more years of True Love!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hope you are enjoying the big city!


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