Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hi Everyone! I know that I've been posting a lot less lately, but life has been pretty busy & I haven't had much time for blogging. I've been interning at Nylon Magazine for the last couple of weeks, continuing my bachelor's degree online, & celebrating my 25th Birthday :) There's nothing comparable to all the love and sweet wishes you receive on your birthday, I'm a lucky girl & am so happy I got to spend it with so many of my favorites <3 One of my favorite gifts that I received was a pair of Nike Frees from David, what can I say this guy never disappoints & always knows exactly what to get me. It's kind of funny walking through SoHo (where I work) and seeing just how many girls are wearing nearly identical Nikes, hence the name "SoHo" Nikes. Does this mean that I'm finally starting to fit in as a New Yorker?!? #OMG .. ok I'll stop I'm getting carried away :) 


Since I'm not wearing a uniform to work any longer (Bye Bye Dickies & Ugly Police Polo!!) I'm starting to realize gaps in my wardrobe. I decided to treat myself to some pre-Birthday shopping, and purchased three tops from Everlane (1, 2, & 3). The quality, drapeability, & fit of the Ryan tank is perfectionnnn!! This is not a sponsored post I spent $63 on three shirts, but they all fit so nicely and have already gotten so much wear that I HAD to spread the word :) It's crazy to think about how much black & white now dominates my wardrobe, I thought I'd dress in brighter colors & crazier prints once I moved here .. but that's not the case. Funny things about these pictures: it was raining, they're my first pictures being a 25 year old, this building behind me is a Scientology center (I was drawn to the pretty gold details), & I'm somehow more awkward than ever in front of the camera. By the way I NEEED to get a job that pays my bills, this city aint cheap! No more blogging for now, I'm off to apply for restaurant jobs .. wish me luck :)


  1. You're looking good girl. I see NYC is agreeing with you! Happy belated birthday...xo!


  2. Wow-- sweet internship AND sweet kicks. Life is going great for you. Couldn't be happier to hear it. XO

  3. great sneakers!




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