Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: 1st Week in NYC Edition

The first of many NYC Tasty Tuesday posts :) We have already eaten at so many delicious places since we got here exactly a week ago, & I can't wait to share all of them with you! It's so crazy to think that we have so many food options at our fingertips, especially since our last apartment in MD left us with only a few dining options aka Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, & Ruby Tuesdays .. needless to say we're much happier with our new options! Our first night in Brooklyn could not have played out any better, so without further ado I'm bringing you the first restaurant, Mango Seed <3

Mango Seed (Brooklyn)

This restaurant is dangerously close to our apartment, & it really has such a cozy intimate vibe to it. There's also an outdoor space in the back that I'm going to have to explore the next time we come back to eat. These beautiful vibrant Jerk Fish Tacos pictured above are as delicious as they are colorful! Unfortunately you only get two per serving ($9), I'm greedy & could eat like a million of them. They are a MUST if you visit, & are topped with guacamole, pickled red cabbage, & chipotle mayo. I also ordered a side of mac & cheese ($8) which I was super nervous about, because I've been gravely disappointed the last umpteen times I've ordered it at restaurants. Well fear not my friends, this mac & cheese legit renewed my faith that restaurants can totally knock it out of the park! It was suuuuuper cheesy & creamy, the pasta was cooked perfectly .. I could've died happy after it :) Our friends both ordered the Blackened Fish Sandwich, which was huge, super flavorful, & came with a fantastic mixed green salad ($12). This hidden gem is the place to get your grub on if you're in the Flatbush/Prospect Park Neighborhood!

Num Pang Sandwich Shop (Union Square)

We popped into this little hole in the wall sandwich shop to fuel up before doing some shopping. It looks a little run down from the outside, & they don't take cash .. don't judge a book by its cover & find a damn ATM!! The bread alone was enough to make me happy it was warm, perfectly toasted, but still fluffy inside. We got the shredded pork ($8.50) & the pork belly with pickled pear ($8.75) sandwiches, & they were both fantastic :) The vegetables & cilantro piled on top are super fresh & crisp making these sandwiches even more tasty. I can't believe that there are 6 locations, translation you have NO excuse not to stop by this sandwich heaven on your next adventure into NYC!

The Wren (East Village)

More fish & another sandwich?! What can I say, I really like sandwiches & fish is a healthier choice .. even though it's fried .. ok I don't want to talk about it hehe :) We ended up at The Wren due to dire circumstances, also known as the Germany vs. Ghana game was about to start & we needed somewhere to watch it! I was kind of disappointed that their menu was limited to breakfasty foods even though it was a weekday afternoon, but this Skate Sandwich was absolute perfection. David agreed with me that the batter was one of the best either of us had ever had, super light, fluffy, & buttery. The fries were also top notch & it was cool trying British ketchup. I don't know that I'd go hear again, unless I was craving a perfect fish sandwich .. who knows though maybe their dinner menu is better.

I really hope you all enjoyed this first NYC Tasty Tuesday post! I am so excited for this new exciting chapter in my life, & I hope that all of you will continue to come along with me for this crazy ride :)


  1. I'm so excited for you! Looking forward to reading more NYC posts!

  2. Welcome to NYC!! There is tons of delicious food to be had!

  3. So exciting, all of that looks good and I've always present for fish tacos.

  4. yum!! everything looks so good!!




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