Wednesday, June 25, 2014

OOTD: Graffiti + Converse

One thing is for certain in NYC, if you're going to be living off of public transportation & walking EVERYWHERE, YOU NEED COMFORTABLE SHOES!!! It's embarrassing to admit, but the hot pink Converses that I'm wearing in this post have seen little to no sunlight since I DIY'd them here over 2 years ago. Anyways, I will most definitely be making up for lost time & wearing them all the time. Another thing that I'm noticing since moving, is the fact that I was wearing only a small portion of my closet & forgetting about a lot of cool pieces that got lost in random drawers or the back of my closet. Since the room that we're living in only has a small closet we purchased a double bar garment rack, which allows me to display nearly every clothing item that I own (minus shorts) which is awesome & lets me make the most of everything I own!  


I wore this outfit exploring the city & watching the Germany vs. Ghana game, which was so intense!! We ended up at The Wren to watch the game, & it was absolutely adorable ( I mean they all are!!). I ordered the "Skate Sandwich" which loosely translates to the best fried fish sandwich I've had in a loooong time. If you want to hear more about my NYC eats so far make sure to swing back to yesterday's post for all the deets & yummy food pictures :)

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  1. Looking good! Enjoy the city life...I loved it!


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