Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Le Diplomate + Botanical Gardens

This past Sunday I engaged in some fancy French bites at Le Diplomate to celebrate my dear friend Gina's Birthday & graduation .. go Gina :) A while back I did a post called DC Checklist that listed different places I wanted to visit & eat at in DC, & let me tell you I'm quickly making my way through it! From the outside Le Diplomate looks like a normal restaurant, but the different dining sections make you feel like you've been transported to Paris! Of course I have to comment on the attire, all the hostesses wear the same adorable little blue dresses, & the servers all look very polished in their crisp white blouses. Since Gina is a true foodie she ordered for our table, so we were able to try a number of different dishes, I'm still trying to figure out which one was my favorite. Before I get to the dishes that we ordered I have to mention how amazing the cranberry walnut bread was that they brought out when we sat down. 

They have an amazing selection of cheeses, but we decided to behave ourselves & only ordered three. I don't remember the names (super French & confusing) but the second one was served with a balsamic cherry compote that was out of this world. The final one was a goat cheese served with a fig preserve, also very good. 

In the right corner you can see part of the tuna carpaccio with leek vinaigrette. It was so refreshing & so unbelievably thin, I loved eating it on the little toasted crustinis. 

For our "main course" we got the Warm Shrimp Salad, Frites, Foie Gras Parfait, & Mussels (Not pictured Asparagus Soup & Duck Sarladaises). 

For some reason "warm shrimp salad" didn't sound appealing to me, but OMG the shrimp were unreal, they reminded me of lobster because of how decadent & flavorful they were! The lemon beurre blanc dressing was also amazing, it was subtle & allowed all the other flavors to come through.

The frites were yummy, but let's face it .. I've never met a french fry or chic "frite" that I didn't LOVE, so no need to go down that road.

This was the first time that I'd ever tried Foie Gras, & I was excited to try such a fancy dish that I've always heard about in the movies lol. It was extremely rich & I enjoyed it, but the serving size was HUGE in comparison to the amount of bread it was served with. It was a fun experience, but I think I will pass on it the next time (I'll stick with all the cheeses :) 

Moules aka Mussels were the last item on our savory food fest, & we all really enjoyed them .. especially dunking the chewy baguettes in the broth #myfavpart <3  

Not that we had any room left, but hey I don't turn down free desserts :) This work of art, Dark Chocolate Napoleon, was super rich & fluffy. It got to be a little overwhelming after a couple nibbles, so I switched to the lesser evil, Creme Brulee.

I've always enjoyed creme brulee, & wish I could just eat the top caramelized layer, but then nobody would ever want to go out to eat with me again :( By now we were all several pounds heavier to say the least, & very close to falling into food coma territory .. my spanks were holding on for dear life! Instead of just passing out we decided to explore the Botanical Gardens which are unreal, I can't believe that this was the first time that I'd visited.

Last but not least I must end with a selfie/usie? It truly was a very satisfying end to the weekend, & if you're in the DC area I would recommend that you follow suit & duplicate my day exactly lol. Check back later this week to see what I wore on my little adventure <3


  1. yum! all of that food looks amazing! i'll have to check out your dc checklist!



  2. Okay! Totally gotta go here for a special treat one day. This looks soo good!


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