Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mars Vida Launch Party

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my dear friend Maria-Alejandra's launch party for her new swimwear line, Mars Vida! It was a packed house at Smith Commons, & the drinks were flowing! The specialty cocktail of the night,"Pisco Punch", which was a hit & was tasty as it was pretty :) After seeing cute little sneak peeks on Instagram, it was so awesome to finally see the swimsuits in person. Normally I have no problem picking out a favorite, but there were way too many cute pieces to pick from! However, if I did have to narrow it down to my top two it would be this one (it's sold out of course!) & this one <3 I hope they come back in stock in time for me to order one for Vegas :) 

There was such awesome energy at the party, & so many fun people to chat with! I love meeting new people, & I was lucky enough to start chatting it up with a table of witty & fabulous nurses. One of these nurses, Sandy, was an absolute riot who had the most adorable Kate Spade Neon Pineapple Clutch (pictured above) that was begging to be plastered up here on the blog :) She also wanted me to make sure that I mentioned to all of you her sister's saying "I don't wear my size", which I thought was very fitting since we were discussing how irregular women's sizing is compared to mens. I couldn't have picked a better way to close out the work week, & I want to say another huge CONGRATULATIONS to Maria-Alejandra for creating such a beautiful line of swimsuits!!


  1. sounds like fun! and cute suits!


  2. I had fun! Great re-cap! I need to stop forgetting to bring my camera!

  3. Hey, that's me! ;) it was an amazing turnout and I couldn't choose a fave either! I was obsessed with like 6 of them! Great seeing you babe - see you next week!!! xo


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