Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Now that you've all seen what I wore to #ThriftWithNic it's time to talk about all the good stuff! I've known Whitney for a while now & over the years I've followed her thrifting action via computer & let me tell you she is good :) Vivi & I attended her #ThriftWithNic event this past Saturday at the Annandale Goodwill, which was a fun morning filled with thrifting, donuts, & wonderful ladies! I've been thrifting for the majority of my life & thought that I knew all the ins & outs of it, but Whitney definitely addressed some great points about thrifting that never even crossed my mind. 
  • Making a List of Needs & Wants
  • Making a budget BEFORE thrifting
  • Finding out the store's restocking schedule
  • Calling ahead to see what specials they have that week 

Comfy new Topshop slip-ons made for thrifting <3
Whitney giving us some tips & advice on thrifting, how cute is her little sis helping out!?
Vivi searching through the dresses in style, her print mixing was too good!
no words needed :)
So happy I got to see Kristen, who ended up finding my new favorite purse!! 
With the lady of the hour after a wonderful afternoon of thrifting <3


  1. so cool!! thrifting is the best. sounds like a great day!


  2. Love your shoes! It looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks, for sharing the tips you learned.

    Saving Everyday With Sonya K

  3. Typing with tears in my eyes, lol! Thanks so much for coming out and sharing this on your blog. I'm SO happy we finally got a chance to thrift and catch up. It was LONG overdue! Glad you enjoyed and I hope to see ya before you head to NY. XO!



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