Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: Cutthroat Kitchen

Since moving in with David's family I haven't watched as many of my old go-to TV shows .. yes, they were mostly reality crap #dontjudgeme! I know you're like what does your garbage taste in TV shows have to do with food ... ahem TASTY TUESDAYS?! Well, since you asked it has everyyything to do with it, because now that we're all sharing one TV I've started watching a lot of the shows his mom watches, which many times are food/cooking shows. My absolute FAVORITE show that she watches & now it's my show too, because I love it is CUTTHROAT KITCHEN!!!! I mean it really is fantastic, the host is absolutely hilarious & totally has the whole mad scientist thing going on .. but it totally works for him :) The other day one of their challenges was to create the Canadian dish Poutine (fries, brown gravy, & cheese curds) which of course gave me a craving for the decadent dish! I've only had them once before at Victoria Gastro Pub & they had an extra ingredient duck fat, so I had to make the journey again for more poutine!

Do you see all this ooey-gooey goodness?! If you're in Columbia, MD & in need of some good food I would definitely recommend Victoria Gastro Pub & the duck fat poutine. The service is great & they have a really delicious menu that is reasonably priced. Sorry I don't have a recipe for you today, but I had to share the glory that is poutine :) If you know of any local places in the DMV area that serve poutine, let a sista know!


  1. i LOVE that show!! and columbia is right near me, i'll have to check it out!



  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I have to try this place!



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