Friday, April 18, 2014

#StyledByShellBCheri X Vivi [[Heart, Print, & Style]]

Happy Friday!! Today I'm bringing you the second look that I styled for the Shell B Cheri shoot. I got to style Vivi, from Heart, Print, & Style another fellow PG County blogger :) I have to include that like Trisha, Vivi also had an amazing closet! When she showed me her textured 3-D Floral Top which was her "problem" item I was ecstatic, because it had so much personality & was totally unique. Since it was longer I wanted to layer a skirt over it, & knowing Vivi as well as I do, I knew that I'd have a million beautiful skirts to choose from. Since the shirt was so dainty & girly I wanted to pair a "tougher" bottom to balance it out. When I came across her black leather skirt in her closet I knew that it would be the one, because it was the complete opposite of the girly top & would be the perfect compliment. As far aw jewelry we stuck with mostly gold pieces that matched the gold plating on her heels, in addition to some fun color block earrings for an added burst of color.

I also have to talk about the clutch, as soon as I saw it & its delicate details I knew that it had to be a part of the outfit! It's even prettier in person, and it has a dainty strap which can transform it from a clutch to a crossbody. I had an absolute blast playing around in Vivi's closet, thanks for being such a great sport my dear you looked beautiful<3


Describe your style in tree words? Prints, Color, & Subtle-Style, it's subtle at first & then you look at it a little longer & see all the thoughtful details.
What is your least favorite season to style? I hate Summer! I hate hot weather & feeling sticky. Everybody loses their style in Summer because they just want to be cool in t-shirts & shorts.
What designer would you like to be buried in? I like Elie Saab it's just more my style, it's girly, dreamy, & fantasy, I would like to be buried in one of those evening gowns.
If you could pick any celebrity style bff, who would you pick & why? Gwen Stefani, easily she just has it, it's effortless. She's not trying too hard, it's ingrained in her. Even in her maternity stage & style it's like who is this woman?! 
What style blogger is your everything? Atlantic Pacific- she never does too much, but she does enough. The Werk! Place- she's an engineer so elements of that fall into place with her style, like textures & structures. 


  1. Vivi looks good! Great job Waverly!

  2. she looks amazing! I love this clutch! and this floral top is absolutely fabulous! great job:)

  3. You did a great job on Vivi! So upset I didn't get that Floral Top. I thought about it twice and still let it slip! Vivy has so much style and grace! Love it!

  4. Great post about...*ahem*! lolol. I wonder how it felt listening to me ramble (thru your recorder) as I try to answer these questions? Just a random thought in my head.

    Once again, I had a great time with you for this challenge!

  5. love her look!


  6. Ok how did I not comment on this earlier? Anyways, I loved this look so much. SO much. It was sweet but edgy and you can just see in these pics that Vivi loves what she's wearing. It shines through! You did a wonderful job styling her, Wave. The future's looking bright for NYC m`dear. xoxo.


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