Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#StyledByShellBCheri // Trisha [[Fashion According to the Menu]]

I'm so excited to share with all of you my first experience as a "stylist"! I wouldn't quite call myself a stylist just yet, but I did have the pleasure of styling two of the ladies from Shell B's Blogger Shoot. Today's post is going to be on my experience styling Trisha, from Fashion According to the Menu. I have been friends with Trisha for several years now, and I was so excited that she agreed to take part in the photo shoot! When I walked into her closet .. yes it's a walk in .. and yes it's almost the same size as the room I'm living in right now, I was taken aback by ALL THE SHOES!! She originally was going to pick shoes as her "trouble item", but I wanted more of a challenge & asked her to pick a piece of clothing. We looked at several different skirts before deciding on the gorgeous vintage blue/purple fitted pencil skirt. I was definitely drawn to the skirt's color, it was so gorgeous & vibrant, & I really wanted to find a way to style it that would match Trisha's personality :)
[[photos by Ashley]]

I didn't want to go for the whole color block theme, so I decided on a striped top that commanded a lot of attention, while still complimenting the skirt. The rest of the pieces pretty much fell into place, the magazine clutch was too cute to pass up, and since purple & yellow are contrasting colors I knew that the bold shoes would "punch up" the outfit (<< just made "punch up" hope it makes sense!). Trisha has awesome legs, & I loved how the skirt hit right below the knee showcasing them & her awesome strappy heels. It was such a fun experience, & it definitely gave me the "styling bug", I hope you all enjoy her outfit <3 


Describe your style in three words? Sophisticated, Sexy, & Chic
What is your least favorite season to style? The dead of Summer when you just want to be naked!
If you could pick any celebrity style bff, who would you pick & why? Beyonce & Khloe Kardashian morphed together, Bey for glamour & Khloe for her casual outfits that she makes look amazing! 
Your house is on fire, the one thing you would grab? My Giuseppess, I wouldn't let them burn, they're too pretty! 
What is a trend you can't get behind? Wedge Sneakers

PS: Check back later this week to hear about how I styled Vivi!


  1. loving the contrast of the neon shoes and bright skirt, great job wave!

  2. gorgeous! love that blue skirt!



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