Thursday, April 10, 2014

OOTD: #StyledByShellBCheri

I've been waiting several weeks to share this post, & I'm so happy the day has finally come! Months ago while chatting over dinner Shell B explained to Ashley & I her concept for a blogger photo shoot. Having been a part of one of Shell B's past runway shows I knew that this photo shoot was going to be a lot of fun & really colorful :) The concept behind the outfits was to style bloggers in a "trouble/forgotten/never worn" piece, which I loved since it provided a little insight into otherwise flawless wardrobes. Shell B has such a beautiful & bold personality, & it most definitely comes through when she styles people. Oh yeah & she also let me in on a little bit of the styling fun, & I got to style two of my favs Trisha & Vivi for the shoot <3 Enjoy!


For my piece I chose a vintage nurse uniform dress I thrifted months ago & dyed red on my stove. Needless to say when she reached for it I was excited, but unsure of how it was going to work out. I really liked the silhouette of it, but could never figure out how to style it so of course it was the perfect piece for her project. We tried several different pairs of heels until she stumbled upon my snakeskin ankle strap heels that I bought back in 2011 at Charlotte Russe. I NEVER would have thought to pair the two together, but of course Shelby knows best & I wasn't about to argue with the master. Next up "accessories", instead of going for a necklace or bracelets she reached for my bold Guatemalan belt/headband & proceeded to tie it around the waist of the dress .. WITH THE SNAKESKIN HEELS!?! ... PATTERN OVERLOAD/MAJOR CLASHING .. but then I looked in the mirror & saw that it actually worked, Shelby:1 Wave:0. One of the best things about having such stylish friends, is that they're able to see things that you can't see, or that you might be afraid to try. I am so pleased with how my final outfit came out, & had such a fun time styling & participating in the photo shoot with such an amazing team! Fun fact, this outfit including the clutch & heels cost under $30, Dress-$5, Clutch-$10, Heels-$12, Belt-$1 :)

Stylist/Mastermind: Shell B Cheri
Main Photographer: Ashley Lettich (Individual & Group Shots)
Photographer: Julien Garman
Photographer: Rosa
Makeup Artist: Elle Choi << I looooved my makeup, thanks <3

Make sure to check out all the other awesome looks from the shoot!!

Thanks so much for snapping this last picture Julien, I absolutely love it <3


  1. wow, i love how your dress turned out!! i'm also a blogger in the DC area and would love to attend an event like this one day!!


  2. You look beautiful! Love the dress and the heels. Everyone looks so vibrant and stylish - GREAT shots!


  3. Sounds like a fun shoot! Love the dress on you!

  4. yes, loved this look. I think you did right by dying it and now I have some ideas for my pieces that are thrifted.

  5. Good to see local bloggers come together on a creative project

  6. This came out so well, love the dress and it just looks like the belt came with it! Perfect.

  7. *Phew Phew*<----that is me whistling...hahaha You look fabulous and what a wonderful thing to be a part of!

  8. I mean...what can I even say about someone I love so effing much? There are no words. Thank you for giving me the courage and confidence to pursue this project. Thank you for styling the crap out of Vivi & Trish, they looked amazing. My tall little monster. GAHHH. I'm gonna miss the shit out of you.


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