Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another non-stop weekend has come & gone, this one however was special because my little sister & Momma were in town! Since I only make it out to Ohio once or twice a year, it's always nice when my family comes to Maryland for little impromptu weekend visits. The only downside of the weekend was that it literally rained non-stop so site seeing was a bit out of the question. I can't believe how much older my little sister looks every time I see her, I will always think of her as the little blonde haired blue eyed baby with a bowling ball head :) As I'm sure you can see I also got my nose re-pierced ... & no I'm not having a quarter life crisis as my lil sis so lovingly implied to me minutes before getting it done. I've wanted to get it re-done for a while now, & what else do you do on a rainy weekend ?? PS: it hurt a LOT more than I remember, or maybe I'm turning into a big baby. 
Selfies in the car with my seeeestar, I still can't believe she'll be 15 this year!!
Delicious guacamole from Jalapenos in Annapolis. that place is such a hidden gem :)
Casual weekend outfit: Sweater-J.Crew, Jeans-AE, Necklace-Walish Gooshe #HotelSelfie
A quick snap of a friend's pretty coffee table decor before dinner <3
I scored this amazing lip crayon c/o Nordstrom Pentagon City & it's my new fav!
My first time wearing "Rose Brown", this lip crayon goes on so easily & is hard to mess up :)
T.J. Macaroons & Wine by candle light to round out the end of the weekend, I'll take it <3

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  1. yumm! macaroons are the best snack :)



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