Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: New Wonjo

Today's Tasty Tuesdays is coming to you all the way from New York ... No, I'm not there, but I was last Friday :) We took a quick 1 day family road trip to the city to visit David's sister, and of course stuff our faces! We decided on Korean for lunch so naturally we had to go to Koreatown, which was also close enough for Carlo (Jessica's husband) to join us for lunch. It was so much fun having all the siblings together (minus my little sis, but I'll be seeing her soon!) & finally getting to catch up on life. Ok focus Waverly, back to food .. we ended up at New Wonjo for lunch where we pigged out!! I hadn't had Korean for a while & forgot how awesome the little side dishes are, & our server was nice enough to bring me extra potatoes (my fav!).
Starting from the back L-R:
Spicy Radish, Bean Sprouts, Kimchi, Spinach & Tofu, Fish Cakes, Sweet Sesame Potatoes  
Teriyaki Salmon Lunch Box with chapchae (noodles), salad, sushi, & rolled egg omelette
Philly Roll & Salmon Avocado Roll

I was so hungry that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of our appetizer Mandoo Gui (fried dumplings) but I can assure you that they were delicious & the sweet soy sauce with onion & jalapenos in it .. let's just say I would drink that stuff! The side dishes are always a huge hit with my family because we all grew up eating Korean & know which side dishes are our favorites :) I went STRAIT for the potatoes, & filled up a little too much before my lunch box came out lol. The fish cakes, kimchi, & bean sprouts are a couple of my other favorites. This restaurant didn't bring out any spicy cucumbers, but you definitely need to try them & you can pick them up at any Korean grocery store. My lunch box was scrumptious, they had lunch box options with bulgogi & kalbi/galbi as well so it was a hard choice (I love all of them!) but I wanted something lighter & went with salmon. The chapchae was pretty good flavor-wise, but I wish there would have been more veggies in it & maybe some little pieces of bulgogi as well :) The sushi rolls weren't mine, but Veronica was nice enough to let me have a couple & they were good but nothing special. This restaurant was reasonably priced & the servers were very attentive, definitely a fun place to try out Korean in the city. Do you have any favorite restaurants in New York??   
Just a couple random shots from the day, I seriously am so excited for this move!!! I know everyone says don't act like a tourist, but there's so much great inspiration in New York & it's hard not to snap a picture of everyyything :) All I can say is that I'm excited for outfit posts that don't consist of my ugly brick patio wall lol. Speaking of that wall, you won't be seeing it for much longer because we are moving out of our apartment this weekend!

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