Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: The Hamilton

Back to work & off the couch it is, I guess it was bound to happen eventually :) Today's post is a little write up about The Hamilton, a fun restaurant that I've dined at several times. The first time that I dined there was after a book signing for the Man Repeller's: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls event & another time after the Tory Burch fashion show viewing, both at The W. Since it's literally a hop skip & a jump away from the W, I pretty much always end up there stuffing my face :) The Hamilton  literally has EVERYTHING, even the pickiest of eaters will be able to find something on the menu since they have everything from sushi to steak to boozy milkshakes to a million more delicious things! 
PEI Mussels: Delicious white wine broth with shallots & parsley. Served with the perfect side of crusty bread that I quickly gobbled up. It was a solid portion & a great starter. [[$13]]
Macaroni & Cheese: Can I get an amen for crushed cheeezit topped mac &cheese?!?! I've been so disappointed with restaurant m&c in the past, but this cheesy little dish restored my faith :) It was super creamy & cheesy with a nice blend of cheeses I'm guessing they were cheddar, mozz, & somethin else maybe ... point being this side of m&c is a must if you dine here. [[$5]]
Tempura Shrimp Roll: Typical tempura shrimp roll paired with mango & lettuce. This roll was a bit underwhelming, the tempura shrimp was nicely flavored & fried, but there was barely any sign of mango in the rolls :( I don't think I'd get it again, because it wasn't very memorable. [[$9]]
The Hamilton Burger: Ohh-Emm-Gee I love burgers & have eatten more burgers that I can count, so I feel that I'm a fair judge. My friend Ashley & I split this burger (medium rare of course!) since we'd already eatten all the previously mentioned food :) It was so juicy, flavorful, & the fried egg was a fun touch that went great with the bacon & Vermont cheddar! It didn't come with fries but you can add them for just $3, we were already pretty stuffed so we were fine without them. [[$13]]
Open-Faced BBQ Pulled Brisket: Come to Momma!! I ordered this dish the first time that I ever dined at The Hamilton, & I still dream about it/love to tell people about how intense this dish was. Let me give you the run down of the stacking order from the bottom: BBQ Sauce, Mac&Cheese, Texas Toast, Brisket, Coleslaw, & last but not least fried onion straws!! This bad boy was a calorie ridden flavor explosion of goodness :) I still can't believe how cheap it was for all that food, the brisket was super tender & juicy ... yes I died on the couch later, but it was worth it! [[$10]]

I've dined in the restaurant side as well as the bar side, & if you're more into atmosphere & decor make sure to sit in the dining room portion. It's really nicely decorated with bright artwork & the people watching is pretty fun as well :) Wishing you all a great week, I'll be spending this Friday in NYC visiting my sister-in-law which is gonna be really special since it'll be my first time there since deciding on the big move <3

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