Monday, March 24, 2014

OOTD: Denim Ballerina + Nordstom Spring Beauty Trend Show

Happy Monday everyone!! Just wanted to pop in & let you all know that I'm still alive & an added bonus, a new outfit post ... finally :) This past weekend had more fashion and styling than any weekend I can remember to date lol. I woke up at 6 A.M. B O T H Saturday & Sunday to make it to all the events and projects I had lined up, which was exhausting but rewarding <3 Saturday I got to enjoy Nordstrom Pentagon City's Spring Beauty Trend Show, which was such a fun & informative morning filled with cool new beauty trends & tips. I also got a fun little makeover at Bobbi Brown courtesy of my beautiful friend Michanda who prettied up my face. She's the same Michanda who introduced me to the amazingness that is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick at Bluemercury!! Since I'm still living out of boxes I've had a hard time putting outfits together since I literally have no clue where the majority of my clothes are currently located ... eek! I did however find this shirt while I was packing up our old apartment & I made sure to put it at the top of one of the boxes since I plan to wear it with everything :) BTW I didn't plan to match the Nordstrom giftbags, but hey it totally worked with my look so it became a part of my outfit post!

My cute little photographer helping me out, this post was a family affair lol David's mom even came out to snap some of the pictures :) Now I'm working with a suburban neighborhood as my backdrop instead of my old brick patio wall. I had to sneak in a few pictures with my car, since I'll be separating from her in a few short months when we make the move to NYC.

O M G, I'm shocked this wasn't the first thing that I shared with you, I'm finally able to get my hair into some form of a top-knot .. it was really exciting because I missed that little thing boppin around on top of my head!

It's crazy to see how much of my wardrobe is thrifted, it wasn't until I was typing up the item descriptions that I realized much everything I was wearing was thrifted! Thanks so much for reading, & make sure to check back tomorrow because I'm teaching you all how to make fresh pesto #yum #youNEEDitinyourlife!!


  1. I'm just glad that having a suburban background forces you to take more photos outside. Woop, woop. Look out for folks peeking out their windows. That's the norm.

    Anywho, so wished I went to the Beauty Trend event but glad that you did and had a great time, as well. Cute outfit. Love your coat.

  2. I love everything about these picture!!! I'm going to need to borrow those heels one day.

  3. Oh so ladylike ~ and so sorry I missed the Trend event. It sounds like you had a blast. And PS, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is basically ALL my summer makeup, in one palette. Such perfection.
    Compact Closet

  4. your hair looks great like that!


  5. You look so cute and I love your hair!!
    Beijos, Ana


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