Saturday, March 8, 2014

OOTD: Awards + Oragami

It's crazy to think that I attended my last awards banquet for the police department. I've worked there for 3 years, & have learned so much in my time there. The best way to describe it is a dysfunctional family, where everyone is extreeeeemly over protective & makes a lot of inappropriate jokes lol. It was such a fun night (I won the Employee's Choice Award which meant so much to me) & I only slightly embarrassed myself on the dance floor #winning. I decided on this $10 H&M dress that I purchased in Miami A YEAR AGO!! Thanks to my training for the Nike Women's Half I was able to squeeze into it, which was a wonderful feeling :) Since it's a shift dress I added a skinny black belt to give it some shape, & nude heels to elongate my legs. I'm still trying to figure out this short hair thing, especially when it comes to up-dos. This one was super easy & involved a poof in the front & a low messy bun in the back. I love the deep V in the back of this dress, except that it showcased my sports bra lines from earlier in the day lol. 
Dress-H&M, Belt-ASOS, Heels-NINE WEST

In other non-fashion related news I spent all of yesterday packing up our apartment, but it's still nowhere near being finished! It's gonna be pretty cramped the next 3 months, but at least I know were taking the right steps towards reaching our goal aka New York :) We donated over 7 trash bags worth of clothes, appliances, & other cluttery items, & boy did it feel great .. I'm proud to say I'm no longer a hoarder!  This weekend went way too fast, & I'm already really struggling with my new policy course ...ughhh **repeat & say I'm graduating this year, I'm graduating this year, I'm graduating this year** Wishing you all a great new week! 

^^Gonna miss these ladies <3 ^^


  1. You look great! Wishing you a great week too! :)

  2. gorgeous dress! you look great, lady!


  3. Great dress! Especially for the price!



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