Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Voyage to Utopia

This past Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending Marymount University's 6th annual Voyage to Utopia Runway Event put on by the University's African Caribbean Student Association. I've been to several college runway events in the past, & I always enjoy seeing what people "my age" are up to & designing. There were several different collections ranging from leather quilting to intricate bead work to plaid everyyythang! I wish they would have divided it up so that we could see the various designers in between collections, but they were all lumped together. I also have to commend the models on how fast they changed, I was amazed at how many outfits each of them walked in. Congrats to everyone who was a part of this event, especially the talented designers who put their heart & soul into their collections, as well as everyone who donated to the Kakenya's Dream Foundation <3 
This gorgeous yellow dress was one of my absolute favorites! 
This collection seemed to be the most casual, and was mostly monochromatic.
I really liked all the quilted fabric & the leather detailing complete with chunky buckles, tres edgy! 
The white out, I loved all the sequins & the dramatic silhouettes. 
All about plaid, I don't know that I'd ever be brave enough to wear 
both pieces together, but I enjoy a good pop of plaid :)

Overall it was a really enjoyable event, & I got to try my camera out for runway photography for the first time. With a little more practice I should be able to get crisper images, but for now these will have to suffice. Below are 3 short video clips of some of the various designs. 

PS: Thank you to whoever had the brilliant idea of adding zebra popcorn to the goodie bags, it served as my lunch the next day!! 


  1. gorgeous clothes!!

  2. NICE! Love that yellow dress!


  3. Wow! There was some really awesome work there! I wish I would have attended this with you.


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