Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Happy Friday ladies!! I hope that you're all staying safe & warm, I had yesterday off but I'm back at work today. Whether you're spending today with your special someone, or your gals I hope you have a wonderful evening filled with laughs & love. I love any reason to celebrate & spend time with my Valentine, but we don't usually make a big deal about going out on Valentine's Day. This year we are spending it in our living room with House of Cards, Wine, Steak, Carrot Cake, & each other .. I'm very excited :) Last night we scrolled back to our first Facebook convo, all the way back at the beginning of 2007! It was so freakin cute re-reading our convos, it really brought me back to when we first met & all the awkward nervous comments haha. Anyways, this will be our 7th Valentine's Day together & I am truly so thankful to God for bringing this man into my life, he really is the best & he's all mine <3 
A little trip down memory lane, here's to many more lovely days spent together!

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  1. what a cute couple!



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