Wednesday, February 26, 2014

OOTD: DC Floral

Today's blog post is brought to you by young love gone awkward :) Flash back to like 6 or 7 years ago when I was visiting David for a weekend, & he offered to take me to the National Mall. Keep in mind that I'm from Ohio & history & I have never been BFFs. I got so excited that he knew me well enough to take me to the National Mall & I got all dressed up for our fun outing. When we finally reached the top of the Smithsonian Metro escalator I looked all around for the National Mall & was concerned when I didn't see it. I asked him if it was under ground, or if we had gotten off at the wrong metro?! He then explained to me that I was in fact standing on the National Mall & that this was it. The blonde in me is already showing, but it my mind I thought he was taking me to see Mall of America's sister "National Mall" .... yeah needless to say there were some awkward moments after I processed everything & I may have even cried (dramatic much?!). Anyways, since then he's learned that I'm not so much a museum girl, but I really am trying to branch out & appreciate history more ... maybe that's because I'm turning a quarter century this year & I'm starting to feel ancient :)
^^PROOOF that I entered & enjoyed a museum (see Mom!!) ^^
Sweater-J.CREW, Pants-ZARA, Shoes-CONVERSE
Sunnies-WINDSOR, Earrings-J.CREW

So, I never thought I'd be typing J.Crew in my outfit list, but the fact is that I'm growing up & half the junk in my closet is from high school & cheap mall stores .. aka most of the pieces are ill-fitting or just done-zo. Moral of the story I'm trying to purchase pieces that I truly love & that are versatile classic pieces that will be worn again & again. I've already worn this sweater 3 times since buying it two weekends ago, which is a lot considering I wear a boring work uniform everyday. I can't believe that it's snowing today, this past weekend was such a tease!! Here's to hoping that the snow will leave & that you all have a happy hump day <3


  1. Hahaha you are so funny! I love the pants, they are perfect for that amazing weather we had this past weekend... I can't believe it's snowing again either, so ready for spring & shedding all those layers!

  2. absolutely love those pants! what a fun print!


  3. LOLOL, I have always found this to funny when people who aren't from here think it's an actual mall. I know it would make sense to think that though. I still remember the first time my grandmother actually referred to it as a mall and I thought we were going shopping. Then she explained it all to me and I thought, well I know all that and I always called it downtown until I got a little older and understood. But I love spending the day as a tourist and visiting museums. When you grow up here you always forget that there is so much history in all of these building that you pass buy everyday for work. I might take a day and hang out with a few friends soon.


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