Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: NYE Entertaining

If you read my New Year's Eve outfit post, then you know that we decided to throw a little party at our house this year instead of braving the cold to go to an over crowded bar ;) I had so much fun picking a color scheme, & deciding what snacks to serve to our guests. We went for a black & gold glamorous theme complete with a photo station, bourbon punch, & beer pong ... we had to keep it classy (hehe)!   
To create the photo station I "framed" the area with balloons on both sides, & some spare fringe I had lying around from an old sewing project. To create some more depth to the area David suggested we throw our clock in there, & I cut out some letters made from scrapbook paper to document just what New Year we were celebrating :) It was a super affordable DIY project, & we had so much fun taking silly & crazy pictures throughout the night!  
This was the little snack corner I set up which was loaded with sweet & tangy meatballs, pigs in a blanket, butterfinger brownies, reese's pieces cookies, & carrots for good measure .. we had to have at least one healthy thing. I made the brownies earlier in the day, & the meatballs slow cooked for several hours, so the pigs in a blanket & cookies were the only things I had to worry about closer to party time. Since the cookies were store bought (I know I know) I just popped them in the oven & only had to worry about the pigs in a blanket, which made for a low stress evening :)
How cute are these little chalk board frames I got for Christmas?? They were such a fun little addition to the table, & I will definitely be using them at our next party. I also used the gold cook book stand my Momma got me for Christmas to prop up the MENU. I bought the frame & all the candles from the thrift store, which cost under $8 but added some glam to the table. 
A close up of the butterfinger brownies!! All I did was add bite size butterfingers 
to the brownie mix & then added some crushed up ones to the top after it cooled. 
These meatballs were ridiculously easy to make, I'm talking dump a bag of frozen meatballs into the crockpot on high with grape jelly & chili sauce for 4 hours ... & you're done! I was a little nervous due to how few ingredients there were, but they were a huge hit & it was nice to have some hot food at the snack station. 
I'm not a huge fan of bourbon, but we had a big bottle in the freezer so I figured that I'd learn to like it :) This recipe disguised the flavor completely & wasn't sugary sweet like most mixed drinks, so I was a happy camper. I added equal parts lemonade & green tea to the punch bowl & garnished it with an orange & a lemon for added flavor. Then I added the Bourbon until I could start to really taste it, but you can make it as strong or as weak as you like. To top it off I added a splash of club soda, but if you like sweeter drinks you could use ginger ale instead. 

I had so much fun entertaining, & I can't wait to throw another party! Do you have any go to party dishes, if so sharing is caring :)

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  1. Those meatballs are one of my favorite holiday recipes!!!! Looks like fun!!


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