Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tasty Tuesdays: 1/6 - 1/12 in Food

As awesome as it would be to make a super nice, cute, healthy, tasty, fancy meal every night ... it aint happenin!! That doesn't change the fact that you still must eat, so I'm hear today to bring you my week in food :) No, this doesn't include EVERY meal I've had this week just some ones that might be useful/helpful to you!

Steel Cut Oats + Cinnamon + Granny Smith Apples

I bought steel cut oats for the first time last week & came across this recipe (scroll to the bottom of her page for single serving directions) so I decided to give it a go! I doubled the recipe & forgot to add the cinnamon & nutmeg until after it'd started foaming, so I didn't get to mix them in as well which resulted in big chunks of cinnamon at the end .. cinnamon challenge anyone? While it was cooking on the stove I chopped up a granny smith apple, & once the oats were finished cooking I layered them across the top. Other than that little misstep with the cinnamon, I'd say that this was a great dish that left me SUUUUPER full & satisfied. The tartness of the apples went great with the cinnamony oats, & if you pretend really hard it's like a healthy apple crumble .. jk that'll never happen :) 

Quinoa + Brussels Sprouts + Pancetta 

This meal takes very little prep, so you can make it & forget about it. I used quinoa from Costco & prepared it (1 cup quinoa to 2 cups chicken broth) according to the directions on the package. Then David so graciously offered to chop all the brussels sprouts in half & toss them in a bowl with olive oil & salt. Place them on a cookie sheet (I lined it with parchment paper) & pop them in the oven @400 degrees & let them roast for 35-40 minutes. In the mean time saute diced onions, garlic, & pancetta until they start to brown & smell amazing :) I ended up mixing the sauteed items in with the cooked quinoa & topping it all off with the roasted brussels sprouts, but you can do whatever you'd like! 

Arugula Salad + Grilled Chicken + Balsamic + Parmesan
Last night I wanted something light & fresh so I opted for a simple salad. Arugula is a bit bitter compared to other greens like romaine, spinach, etc., but it pairs so deliciously with the sweet & tangy balsamic that it works out great :) For the chicken I just rub it down with olive oil on both sides & sprinkle it with: Salt, Pepper, Herbs de Provence, Garlic Powder/Salt, Lawry's Seasoning Salt, & Chili Powder. Since I grill the chicken on our stove in a thing like this it takes some of the seasonings off so I'm not skimpy when seasoning, but trust your gut not to mention you can add more after. On to the CHEESE, make sure to buy fresh Parmesan, none of that saw dust in a green can!! I use the largest slicer on my grater to make nice long thin slices of Parmesan to top the salad with. For the dressing I used this Balsamic Glaze, but you could do a light mix of lemon juice, olive oil, & salt if you don't like Balsamic or don't have any. See how simple it is to make, but it still looks oh so pretty & profesh :)

Grilled Cheese Social

Since I just loaded you up with a bunch of healthy recipes I'm here to bring you the food highlight from last week, GRILLED CHEESE!!!! I had some girlfriends over & we made different types of grilled cheese sandwiches complete with tomato soup for dunking & champagne for sippin :) The combos that we made & demolished included: Sharp Cheddar + Granny Smith Apple. Pepper Jack + Bacon (My FAV <3), Swiss + Spinach + Sundried Tomatoes + Basil! Yes they were amazing & yes I ate more bread in that short couple of hours than I have in the past month. So you should definitely invite your friends over & try out different combos, I can guarantee it'll be a hit! PS: If you need ideas for combination check out one of my favorite blogs to drool over, Grilled Cheese Social

I hope that you enjoy this post, & if you have any questions about any of the dishes feel free to ask!

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