Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Bluemercury

Since being on vacation briefly last week I've fallen behind on school/work/errands/blogging, and I'm still in the process of trying to get back into the swing of things. Right now I feel like I'm getting pulled in a million different dirrections, and I read a great post a couple of days ago on my friend Nic's blog that talked about balancing your life which was just what the Doctor ordered!

This past Sunday my friend Allix introduced me to one of my new FAVORITE places ever, Bluemercury <3 Before I get to how great the store is, I need to tell you how amazingly warm & inviting the ladies of Bluemercury are! When we first got there we were immediately greeted & all my fears of "boutiquey" style makeup/skincare stores were dismissed. My makeup routine is very simple, during the week I don't wear makeup (unless meeting up for HH hehe), & on the weekends I wear liquid eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, & blush .. yup that's about it. One of the main areas that I neglect is my skin, I don't take the best care of it (yes, I sometimes sleep in my makeup) & I know that I need to start nourishing it .. for my future self's sake :)
Now I have to introduce you to Michanda! This lady is seriously so beautiful inside & out :) She has such a natural glow & the fact that one of her favorite things to do is to help people find their light is just one of the many reasons that I was so touched by her. When I was chatting with her about makeup (Bobbi Brown is her specialty) I didn't feel pressured like I do at most places, instead I felt like I was just hanging out with a girlfriend who was super knowledgeable about makeup. I wanted to learn more about contouring, I'm all about defining those cheek bones & creating a natural looking glow .. mission accomplished, she knocked it out of the park! She also introduced me to Bobbi Brown lip gloss, which seriously transformed my skinny little lips into looking like they were actually full & plump lol :) I can't believe that 3 products (Shimmer Brick Compact "Bronze", Tinted Moisturizer, & Lip Gloss) could really up my "makeup look" so much, when I looked in the mirror after she finished my makeup I was like Yipppeeee! While I was there I also picked up a pack of M-61 Power Glow Peels after hearing great things about them from Allix & so far David has really liked it, I'll let you know once he's completed all the treatments. If you want personal attention & a knowledgeable staff, then you definitely have to check this place out .. did I mention they had citrus petit fours the day I went there #sealedthedeal!  

**This post was NOT sponsored, but when I find something that I absolutely LOVE I have to share it with you!**


  1. I LOVE bluemercury. I go all the time. Their spa is my favorite!

  2. wow you look great!!!! i definitely see the glow!

  3. I love that place, we had an event there once and since I'm all out of products I plan on going there soon too find some new stuff to step up my skin care regimen. All those polishes *_*


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