Monday, January 27, 2014

Chop Chop Bye Ombre

What makes someone beautiful?! Is it their smile, their laughter, their hair, their personality ... what is it? I think that we all have a certain part of ourselves that we really like (hopefully there's more than one thing!) and that we feel really confident with, and we also have those "trouble areas" that never seem to go away no matter what we try. For me, I've been "comforted" by my long hair for a long time .. it's pretty much been my security blanket. Looking back I think one of the reasons I never wanted to cut my hair & always wanted long hair was the simple fact that I thought "Long hair makes you pretty" .. wow that's embarrassing to admit & I can't believe that I believed that lie for so long!! In the past couple of years I've met so many amazing women with short & long hair, and I find them all absolutely amazing & inspiring :) The moral of the story is I didn't want to be defined by my hair & I'm excited that I decided to take the plunge by chopping off a foot of my hair. I will sincerely miss my obnoxious top-knot bun the most, because I feel like it was my signature "thing" or calling card lol. It seems so silly looking back how attached I became to my hair, but I like the idea of "challenging" myself to see things in a different way & to adapt to a new situation. Damn so much drama for a couple snips lol. I'll leave you with some fabulously ballsy & chic ladies with killer hair <3
1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I"m happy to report that after having "short" hair for 2 full days I'm absolutely loving it! It dries super fast, is easy to do, & I feel more care free than ever :) If you're thinking about living on the wild side, don't wait go do it! I'm so excited to experiment with different styles, do you have any suggestions for hair styles I should try??


  1. LOVE the cut! SO cute!


  2. I love your haircut short hair looks good on you!
    Deejay Speaks

  3. I remember asking you a while back if you ever thought you would cut your hair and before I even finished you emphatically responded, "NO!" *laughs* So color me surprised when I saw your new 'do floating across my Twitter timeline. Pretty cool that you took the plunge. And it worked out because you look fantastic.

    I think you should try the wavy bob. That's actually Nadia's current style, too. Gabi of Gabifresh recently did a post on it; check it out!


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