Thursday, January 30, 2014

Camo Chéri

First things first, I'm so excited to be Compact Closet's "Repeat Rockstar" today :) I remember chatting with Carmen about the feature over brunch, & it's so nice to see it becoming a reality! It seemed only fitting that I post an outfit wearing some usual suspects who get very little rest in my closet. I initially bought these camo jeans (last seen here & here) because they were on sale so stretchy & comfortable, little did I know just how versatile they would turn out to be! I can't wait til it gets warmer & I can wear them with my favorite nude pumps & a silky white tank top .. yeah I know that's not happening anytime soon :( 
Sweatshirt-ASOS, Scarf-MY MOMMA-IN-LAW made it, 

I'm still very much adjusting to having short hair & can't get over the fact that my ponytail has now become a stump lol. I must admit that I don't miss spending forever & a day blow drying my hair, so no complaints over here :) Also, I have to show some love for this sweatshirt, this baby was under $20 & I have worn the s#!t out of it (here, here, & here) because it really does go with everything! Basically you need to add a fun gray sweatshirt to your closet (cute alternatives AsosEtsyMango), you'll thank me later! 


  1. Cute! Love how you styled the hair, and the camo pants and booties, perfect! XO


  2. I'm obsessed with your short hair. IT IS THE FIRE.


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