Saturday, January 18, 2014

Army Green + Neutrals

Last night David & I decided to give DC Restaurant Week a try for the first time at Co Co Sala! We don't normally go out to nice restaurants in DC, so it was definitely a treat (I ate more chocolate last night than I have in months lol). Needless to say it was absolutely freezing, so I got to give my new Winter coat a try :) I'm glad to report that even though it's kind of thin, the blanket like material on the inside makes it super warm. I also got to wear my leather look leggings for the first time since I'd bought them, which is a big deal because before they were too tight on me. Even small little "victories" like being able to fit in clothes that I couldn't wear before gives me even more motivation to keep pushing towards my goal <3
Coat-ASOS, Top-LOFT, Leggings-WINDSOR

For some reason I was feeling "scandalous" an opted for a sheer top with a black bralette underneath which is typically not my style, I'm usually more of a leg girl :) Sometimes it's really hard putting an outfit together, but sticking to neutrals really made it a lot easier to throw this look together. If you're wondering about the dirty driveway I'm standing in, it was the best that I could do since I wasn't feeling brave & there were tons of people walking around (I hate taking outfit shots in public)! In other exciting news, last night I broke the news to David that we're going to Miami for his Birthday this Tuesday!! It was so freaking hard keeping it a secret from him for the past 2 months, but it was definitely worth it :)


  1. You look so lovely and classy, I wish I had the bone structure to pull off a bun!
    Also I've been searching for a lovely warm coat like this for ages!

  2. Lol at "scandalous". You look great! Love those leggings, and the jacket looks really comfy!


  3. You look really nice, Waverly! Great coat, too.

  4. Cute!!!!


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