Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Monkey Bread (The Deluxe Version)

Ohh Monkey Bread, you bring back so many fun family memories from my childhood :) My Aunt Jo used to make monkey bread every year for our huge family Christmas celebration, & I seriously looked forward to it more than opening presents .. well maybe not that much, but it was definitely up there on the list! I decided to try to make it myself this year, for Thanksgiving breakfast at David's parent's house. While looking through the internet for monkey bread recipes I came across so many cool ones, including some with apples and nuts to some filled with cream cheese .. needless to say I wanted all that good stuff so apples, pecans, & cream cheese it was :)
For the bread & baking portions I stuck pretty close to this Pillsbury recipe (minus the raisins & walnuts)
Open your 2 cans of biscuits & using a pizza cutter slice each biscuit into quarters
Using a teaspoon scoop a tiny ball of cream cheese into the biscuit & pinch off the corners so that it's sealed inside
Instead of dumping all the biscuit pieces into the bag of cinnamon sugar at the same time, 
I did it in 4 separate batches so that each piece could get as much cinnamon sugar as possible :)
Butter up your bunt pan & peal the apples. Once you've diced up the apples 
into little chunks, layer apples, pecans, & biscuit pieces in your pan.  
Melt down 1 cup of brown sugar & 3/4 cup of butter in a sauce pan until it turns into a sauce consistency 
Drizzle your sweet & sugary crack sauce over your monkey bread & pop it in 
the oven @350 for roughly 30 minutes.
Fresh out the oven & lookin good :)
Place a large plate over the top of the monkey bread & flip the entire thing over so that
it's right side up & then you can start pulling apart pieces or cutting it into nice little slices.
A close up of the scrumptious goodness that is Deluxe Monkey Bread :)

I am happy to say that everyone in David's family approved of this dish & that it will probably be my new "staple contribution" to holiday meals. When I made this I only used one apple because it seemed like a lot, but in reality once it was baked the pieces shrunk so next time I'm going to bump it up to 2 apples. This recipe is definitely calorie laden, but totally worth it for those special occasions! I'd love to hear about signature dishes that you or your family make around the holidays, so please feel free to share below :)


  1. i make a dessert each Thanksgiving called a Pumpkin Flaugnarde/Clafoutis. schmancy name, but basically, it's a crust-less pumpkin pie. the recipe i use is here: http://fosterskitchen.blogspot.com/search?q=clafoutis (I usually leave out the hazelnuts, as my dad is allergic).
    SOOOOOOO good served warm with ice cream or whipped cream, or even cold the next morning for breakfast! and the kicker, is that it's really not too bad for you! without nuts, one serving is just 3 WW points. whee!

  2. That looks soooooo good. I'm going to need you to make me one. Thanks! Lol

  3. That looks DELICIOUS! I don't bake but I may have to try this... let's just hope I don't catch the kitchen on fire! :)



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