Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Hearty Zucchini Boats

Slice, Scoop, Chop, Fill ... & you're done :) Easiest recipe ever!
I made this recipe months ago & thought that I shared it here on the blog, but I guess I forgot to .. whoopsies. Anyways, I know that it might seem like a weird combination, but this dish is super flavorful & the walnuts add such a wonderful nutty/meaty flavor/texture .. ok enough with the slash marks I promise I'll stop! This recipe is really easy & takes no time at all to make, so if you're still running around trying to figure out a side for Christmas Eve dinner you should try this one that I got from the Food Network :)
Sprinkle them with lots of glorious parmesan cheese, 
pop them in the oven @425 for 25-30 minutes & you're done!
OMG these little healthy boats of goodness are so colorful & just looking at this picture brings me back to how good my kitchen smelled while baking it :) I just realized that this dish will totally match with your Christmas decor .. helllllooooo red & green anyone?? Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Eve <3

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