Friday, December 13, 2013

Plaid Caller

One of my favorite places to visit in Ohio is Easton Town Center, especially around the holidays! This place really has it all, Macy's, Forever 21, HM, Nordstrom, Gap, Victoria Secret .. you name it, they've got it :) We walked around Easton yesterday picking up some last minute Christmas gifts for the family,  & grabbed lunch at Max & Erma's .. two words "tortilla soup"! I also decided to brave my fear of taking outfit posts in public, & let me tell you it was nerve wracking. It's so funny how such a stupid thing like taking a picture by myself in public can bring about so much anxiety (like I mentioned here).  
Sweatshirt-ASOS, Plaid-THRIFTED, Tights-KOHLS, Necklace-THRIFTED, 

These British inspired phone booths are located all around Easton, & were pretty much begging to be photographed so we obliged :) The style in Ohio vs. DMV area is so different, & I'm so glad that I moved to a place where people are truly willing to take chances with their outfits (come on Ohio, catch up!). It was freeeeezing just like yesterday & the day before, so I decided to layer my favorite oversized flannel under my sweatshirt for extra warmth & a pop of color. Wishing you all a fun weekend, Stay warm!

PS: I can't help how corny & punny I am, I hope you appreciated my title Plaid Collar/Caller .. hardy har har, thanks for putting up with me, I love you all <3

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  1. Too cute! I love this look, especially the sweatshirt and necklace. CUTE!



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