Sunday, December 8, 2013

DIY: Oversized Men's Shirt into a Skirt

I've been wanting to post another D.I.Y. for a while, but I haven't had a chance to use my sewing machine thanks to all of the lovely homework my teachers have been assigning. Anyways, today seemed like the perfect day because it was snowy outside & I didn't feel like leaving the house (even though I went to a spin class super early this morning at Revolve before the snow started!). Back to the skirt, I bought a large white oversized men's button down at the thrift store months ago & have been waiting to do something with it & that finally happened today :) The only materials that you need for this D.I.Y. are: a large button down shirt that's wide enough to fit over your hips, a sewing machine, scissors, pen/pencil, strait pins, & either elastic or a drawstring for the waist.
My large thrifted shirt that only cost me $2.99!
1. Mark a strait line across the front & back of the shirt right underneath the armpit like the top left picture, & cut across the line.

2. After you've removed the top part of the shirt, flip the shirt inside out & try it on to see how much extra material there is. You'll be pinning the excess material down the back of the inside out shirt like the picture below.
3. When you sew the back of the shirt make sure to start from the bottom to ensure that the bottom two seams line up. Once you've finished sewing the the back of the shirt trim off the excess material. 

4. Next up is creating a waistband. I've never used elastic, so I went the easy way by creating a drawstring waistband. Take the top of your inside out shirt & flip over an inch or so of fabric & start to pin it down  all the way across the top like the picture below. 
5. Sew your waistband that you pinned & make sure to leave enough space in your waistband to put your drawstring through. In the middle of the front of the shirt make two small cuts on the inside of the waistband to feed the drawstring through. An easy way to feed the drawstring through is to attach a safety pin to the end of it so that you can feed it through .. and you're done!
Since I was getting some gapping between my buttons down the front of my skirt I sewed it down, similar to the top right picture in the diagram at the top. The most important thing to remember while making your skirt it that even the smallest part of the skirt is going to have to be wide enough to go over your hips unless you slip it on over your head. I'm so excited that this D.I.Y. was so successful, especially because the whole thing took under an hour & I want to make tons of these skirts in different patterns. Below are some different ideas of how to style the skirt for winter!
D.I.Y. Shirt Skirts

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