Monday, November 18, 2013

Review: Caring Cowls

I am a chronic bargain hunter & I'm not afraid to admit it! Sometimes I get so excited that things are on sale that I look past whether I really need the item or not, & simply buy it just because it's "such a good deal!" My husband will definitely testify to my affinity for buying random little knickknacks & he might even refer to me as being in the early stages of pre-hoarding. That being said, it's almost a new year & since we will be making a big move in the next 6 months I am trying to change my purchasing habits. The first big step has been going through my closet & weeding out pieces that haven't been worn in a while as well as pieces that don't fit. Now that I can actually see all the clothes that are in my closet, I'm able to see what areas are lacking in key investment pieces. 

The first section of my closet that I wanted to focus on was outerwear. I'm definitely covered in the coat department & despise wearing gloves .. so that leaves warm winter scarves! I only had one winter scarf in my arsenal that I D.I.Y.'d last year, but wanted to get one that had a more neutral pattern. Lucky for me one of the most adorable bloggers out there Marsa, from The DayLee Journal posted about her gorgeous new cowl from Caring Cowls
Coat-THRIFTED, Shoes-D.I.Y. Purse-COURAGE B.

After e-mailing back with Sarah from Caring Cowls I decided that the "Chunky Crocheted Caring Cowl" was the perfect fit for me! Normally I wouldn't even consider spending $30 on a scarf, but I was so touched to hear that she donates all proceeds to charity ($20 per cowl will be donated). Currently, Caring Cowls is funding for the International Rescue Committee. So far, $300 has been donated to the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, and Action Against Hunger. Not only is this scarf hand made & super soft, but it's the perfect length & such a fun addition to any look. I've seriously been wearing it any chance I get, & am thinking of giving a few away as Christmas presents :) Hope your week is off to a great start! Check back tomorrow to see one of my favorite items in my closet <3

**This post was NOT sponsored, but when I find something that I absolutely LOVE I have to share it with you!**


  1. Ohhh I have so many scarves and I hardly ever wear them! This one is fabulous though! I would wear it all the time!


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