Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Favorite Thing: Floral Guess Pumps

Today's post as I'm sure you've gathered from the title, is about my favorite piece in my closet. I was so excited when Shelby suggested the idea to talk about our favorite piece, little did I know how hard it would be to pick just one thing to talk about! Do I pick my favorite party dress, my most worn item, or a super crazy statement piece ... I don't know?? After standing in my closet & taking in everything it came to me, my floral Guess pumps! Not only do these little babies add such a fun element to any outfit, but they genuinely make me happy.
These shoes are also responsible for starting my favorite annual tradition, "Waverly's Birthday Shoes" <3 What is this splendid holiday you ask?? Ok, well it started on my 20th birthday when I was walking around Macy's with my husband & I spotted a huge shoe sale that could not be passed up! It was love at first site & I knew that I'd be leaving with them despite David saying something to the affect of "are you ever gonna wear them, & don't you have enough shoes?" Lucky for me I knew: A) I will wear them everywhere & with everything & B) You can NEVER have enough shoes :)
As you cans see they pair with everything from skirts to jeans to shorts to dresses! Even though they have a very distinct pattern they can almost be treated as a neutral because the floral pattern is such a large print. Well, now that I've gushed to all of you about my favorite piece I'm kicking you out of here MTV cribs style to go check out the other lovely ladies who are sharing their favorites throughout today, Shelby, Alicia, Liz, Carmen <3 The other fun part of this post is that we want to hear about YOUR FAVORITE PIECE, so run to your closet & tell us all about it! Two of my dear friends Ana & Jen will be continuing this series on their blogs next week by posting about their favorite pieces, so make sure to check them out!

PS: I promise Tasty Tuesday's will be back in full swing next week :)


  1. Love these floral pumps! I want a pair to jazz up a basic suit.

    xo, Tammy

  2. I actually wasn't sure if I liked them on seeing the first photo but after seeing all of your outfits I'm absolutely in love with these shoes!
    They look good with everything!


  3. I love that shoes are your favorite piece... it would probably be mine too... but I have no idea which one pair I would pick!! Haha actually on second thought I think I do know... my ahhhh-mazing Sam Edelman spiked t-strap pumps. Love this series you guys did!


  4. You aren't kidding. Those shoes really do go with everything. I like that they have a classic shape but that the pattern kicks it up a notch. Excellent choice!

  5. I remember those shoes! LOVE THEM. And I love that you posted yourself in a ton of different outfits with them...it's hard to pick a fave (I'm partial to the striped blazer + shorts, obvi) but I think it might be the pink dress & denim vest. Are you a size 10? ;) xoxo.

  6. Those pumps are great! I love how you've styled them! I love a good shoe that goes with just about any and everything!


  7. Gosh. It'll be hard for me to pick JUST one item that I adore so much. That's a freakin' challenge. Anywho, very cute pumps. You styled them really, really, well. LOVE the collage.

  8. I totally slacked and am on it! Will be doing a post SOON and linking back


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