Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hair & Makeup Makeover

In case the event wasn't fun enough on its own, I got absolutely spoiled in both the hair & makeup department! When I first arrived at the event I was makeup-less & hadn't had a chance to do my hair .. within a couple of minutes it was Cinderella time, I'm talking the complete treatment! Micki of Guerlain first cleansed & exfoliated my entire face, & then hooked me up with a full face of makeup :) In case my spirits weren't high enough, I was then sent over to Adrin "Seven" Washington of 7 and Company who took my flat & boring hair to voluminous Hollywood waves in a matter of minutes! The whole experience had me feeling like this scene from the Princess Diaries :)
Before: Makeupless!
Makeup: Check!
Prepping my Hair: Check!
 Hair: Check!
Seven also transformed my Hollywood waves into a faux bob, what do you think of my short hair ??
Tights-KOHLS, Booties-CHINESE LAUNDRY, Rings-H&M & Nordstroms

It'd been quite a while since I'd been pampered, & let me tell you .. You Need To Make Time To Pamper Yourself!! The timing couldn't have been more perfect since it'd been a stressful week, & having someone make me up & style my hair was so relaxing. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to my makeover, it meant so much to me <3

Outfit Photos by Vivi :)


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