Friday, November 15, 2013

EE Cuffs 2013 Lookbook

There's nothing better than following your dreams or seeing your friends following theirs! With that being said I was so happy to attend the EE Cuffs 2013 Live Lookbook at the Eighteenth Street Lounge this past Tuesday. It was so awesome seeing two friends Veronica & Ana collaborate together to achieve such a innovative & impressive lookbook! 
Click here for the complete Lookbook Video

It's amazing how much detail & time Veronica invests into each one of her unique cuffs. With the holidays right around the corner these one of a kind pieces are perfect for the ladies in your life who have everything <3 To see a few more pictures from the event including my outfit check out Emily's FB page!

Now that I'm getting back into blogging & jumping back into the "Social Scene" I am so excited to share with all of you that I will be a makeup/hair model for Red Sprinkle's Pop-Up Beauty Lounge II this Thursday the 21st at Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie! I would love to see all of you there & if you're interested in attending use code: PICH5   to get $5 off your ticket :) 


  1. those cuffs are SOO cool. and so different- i love them. I just adore you and your blog. i think you are so great and so beautiful :) happy Friday!


  2. Soo good seeing you that night! Let's do it again soon! Maybe at Shake Shack?? :-)


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