Sunday, November 24, 2013

DIY: Decorative Gift Box

While cleaning out my hall closet this weekend I ran across my old iPhone packaging (Swear I'm not a hoarder)! I opened it up to see if I'd forgotten a set of headphones in there, but it was empty & ready for the recycling bin. As I was shutting it I couldn't help but notice what a nice sleek & sturdy box it was. Moments later this D.I.Y. was born :) Initially, I wanted to decorate it & use it as a little case to carry jewelry in when I travel to prevent pieces from getting bent. After I finished customizing it, I realized that it would also be a great personalized gift box perfect for storing little presents like nail polish & jewelry. You can also use any other type of box like a shoe box or a small jewelry box. 
Start with your Box
Gather Materials: Mod Podge, Brush, Scissors, & Decorations (Magazines, Photos, Stickers)
Paint Mod Podge in long strokes on the back of your decorations & paste them onto the box. 
I started with the larger pictures on the bottom & layered other smaller ones on top.
Make sure to decorate all of the visible sides, & once all the pieces are dry paint mod podge 
over the entire box. Try to keep all your painting lines going one direction so that it 
looks smooth, & after the first coat drys paint over it again for a sleek & shiny finish.  
Taa-Daaaa the final product with some goodies inside :)

I purchased the mod podge at Jo-Ann fabrics for a couple of dollars & used an old cheap makeup brush that I didn't care about to paint on the mod podge. You can also use a foam brush or a cheap paintbrush. I hope that you enjoyed this D.I.Y. & if you make your own box send me a link, I'd love to see it <3 


  1. So smart! I have alllll my old iphone boxes (I've gone through a few...) and this would be a great way to actually make them functional! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is such a great idea!
    I'm pretty sure I still have my iphone box up in my room somewhere!
    I'll have to try find it and give this a shot!


  3. so cute and easy! i love this - thanks for sharing!


  4. This is so cute and thrifty! I have about 3 of those boxes around the house. I just may use them now, lol!



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