Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Homemade Roasted Tomato Sauce

Earlier this week a small miracle occurred in my kitchen which involved a ton of tomatoes I needed to use up and a magical little food processor (& a demon oven). A few months ago while catching up on Victoria's blog V-Mac & Cheese I came across her recipe for Slow Roasted Tomatoes and that recipe has been hanging around in my brain ever since waiting for the perfect occasion to pop to the front of it. That fateful day was this past Sunday when I looked in the refrigerator only to find that we had a ton of tomatoes and not much of anything else. I followed Victoria's recipe pretty closely except for the fact that I DESPISE measuring so I just dumped on an even amount of all the spices and seasonings that she mentioned in her recipe post. I was also feeling a bit lazy & didn't feel like scooping out all the tomato guts which ended out working in my favor but made it difficult to get the seasonings to stay on the tomatoes.     
Of course they're from Trader Joe's .. what isn't in my apartment anymore I'm obsessed!
Chopped in 1/2 & on parchment paper (my new BFF) topped with all the seasonings.
After I pulled them out of the oven & topped them with a dab of balsamic reduction.

Now it is time to wait, because if you bite into them 10 minutes after they've been out cooling you will be attacked by tomato lava juice which will burn through your flesh. I ate a couple of the tomatoes that night after they'd cooled, but still had a ton left over which lead me to making the best'-homemade-roasted-tomato-sauce-ever!!!!!!!!!! The next day when trying to think of something to make for dinner which incorporated the meatballs I wanted to use up I thought to myself .. self why don't you blend all those roasted tomatoes up & make the best sauce ever!? So I dumped the tomatoes, a large clove of garlic, & several fresh basil leaves into my food processor & viola the best-homemade-roasted-tomato-sauce-ever :) I toasted some "Tuscan" bread from TJs on our panini grill, added some sauce & shredded cheese on top & toasted it a bit more til the cheese started to melt. 

I heated the meatballs up separately & plopped them on top .. taaa-daaa! 

I think that these little toasty bites would be great to serve as appetizers as long as you kept the sauce & meatballs separate from the bread until serving... sogginess is the worst. You could do that by storing the sauce & meatballs in a crockpot on low & having everyone make their own little bites as they wanted them. I feel like that wording was a wee bit confusing, but you know what I mean :) 

***I also should mention in regards to the cooking time that when I made them I only had them in the over for like 15-20 mins because my oven is demonic (PROOF) & refuses to obey the temperatures on the nob & goes to extremely high temperatures that are not even measurable. If you're roasting the tomatoes for a sauce don't roast them for too long otherwise all the liquid will evaporate & you'll lose the "saucy" part. ***

Wishing you all a great rest of your Tasty Tuesday!! 

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