Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Tastemaker Thursdays" @MOSAIC DISTRICT

This time last week I had never even heard of the Mosaic District, let alone "Tastemaker Thursdays." All that has changed now, thanks to Tammy & our wonderful host Kerry I am now very familiar with both of them & can't wait to go back. For starters, the Mosaic District is a true retail & entertainment experience packed with great stores, restaurants, and even a boutique style movie theater! Still not convinced you need to check this place out, check out all the positive reviews here on Yelp :)
Tammy, Vivi, & I started our Tastemaker Thursday by crashing a private party at the Angelika Film Center where we drank some lovely bubbly & chatted about what we thought the night would entail. We all had different ideas about what we thought might happen & were quickly informed that we would be sampling 5 different "tastes" the Mosaic provides for it's guests. We were taken on a walking tour of 5 different shops, & got to learn more about the history & concepts of each one. What better place to start than chocolate!?    
I enjoy any & all types of food (as I'm sure you've noticed) but never really thought of myself as a chocolate person. Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate but I never go crazy over it .. yeah I may have opened up a can of worms or shall I say chocolate because I'm pretty sure I'll never be the same!! Artisan Confections not only makes some of the best chocolates I've ever had the pleasure of eating, but they're hands down the cutest/chicest chocolates ever .. I mean one of them had a clothing design on top of it & another one leopard! Since it's a locally run business they really care about connecting with their customers personally & even get their fresh mint from a farm in Lanham, MD (my neck of the woods). The founder Jason Andelman was very friendly & passionate, it was nice to see someone so in love with what they do. BTW my favorites were the Butterscotch & the Caramel :) 
Next up, COURAGE. b where we all got a nice dose of Fall fashion. As soon as I walked in I wanted one of almost everything, but muscled up all my self control and walked out with only one piece :) This boutique style shop's President is Nicolas Goureau & one of the coolest things that I liked about the store is that his Mom designs all of the handbags! She does a great job, because I walked away with one after immediately falling in love with it .. lucky for you it's still on sale & is available here. I bet you can't guess which color I picked?!
The 3 of us getting our model selfies on featuring the Pop Top & the Large Iconic in croc.
Sample Time!! I was very excited to get to check out AH Love Oil & Vinegar because I cook with olive oil nearly every day & have been putting balsamic vinegar on everything lately. The founder Cary Kelly was very warm & inviting .. and boy does she know A LOT about anything & everything vinegar/olive oil related! We got to sample several different varieties of both the olive oil and the vinegar, & she even made us all a drink with balsamic vinegar in it which was surprisingly refreshing. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves cooking or just eating for that fact, I would definitely recommend this place because the selection here is amazing & they have a flavor for everyone here .. my favorite being the "Tuscan Herb" Olive Oil.   
Our 4th stop of the evening was at Lou Lou where we were greeted by the biggest selection of accessories I'd seen in a long time! They had the cutest initial rings & more statement necklaces than even I knew what to do with. I'm already on Christmas shopping mode so I was mentally picking out pieces for the different ladies of my life :) 
I had to post this picture because it has some of my favorite things in it: FOOD & My B-day Heels <3

Last but not least, South Moon Under! They had tons of trendy Fall pieces including the shiny gold clutches pictured above. One of my favorite pieces that I came across while browsing was this gray leather accented sweater which would go perfect with some maroon skinny jeans & black booties!

Overall it was a fun night & a nice chance to get out of Maryland/DC to see more of mysterious VA :) I was shocked to see that driving wise the Mosaic District is only 30 minutes away (non-rush hour) from my apartment which is pretty much the same amount of time it takes me to get to Annapolis which we visit quite frequently on the weekends. I'm so excited to have a new place to explore & am looking forward to checking out their 4 STORY TARGET!! **BTW if you're taking the metro there you're either going to have to take a LONNNNG walk or call a cab** If any of you bloggers are interested in attending a future "Tastemaker Thursday" even let me know & I will give you all the details :) To see what I wore to the event check out these pictures Vivi snapped of me!


  1. seems like a great event ! hope you enjoyed!

    Elegantesque Blog

  2. I was so sad I wasn't able to make it out to Mosaic for the tastemaker event -- need to figure out an easier way to get there sans car!

    xo, Liz
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