Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pops of Pink

Hello World! Whew, I've had so much energy these last two days thanks to breakfast :) It may sound silly, but I've been waking up earlier and eating a good breakfast in the morning and OMG it's been making such a huge difference! I've been able to focus better than I have in a long time and am also getting so much stuff done .. I mean I even finished all my HW for this week, it's nuts! Anyways, I wanted to share with you ladies the outfit that I wore to Tastemaker Thursdays at the Mosaic in Fairfax, VA. I will have full details from the event up here tomorrow, but for now it's all about the outfit :)

Yup, it's my floral Zara pants again! These pants really are at the top of my "favorites" at the moment, and I have really enjoyed coming up with different ways to style them. The last time I wore them here, I went for a more casual vibe with some tan booties & my favorite white tee. I wasn't too sure what the event was going to consist of, so I styled it a bit dressier with this year's "Birthday Shoes" & one of my favorite necklaces from Charm Georgetown. Since the bodysuit I was wearing that night was being very unforgiving, I decided to throw on a faded jean jacket I scored at the thriftstore to hide some of the "problems" lol. Thanks to this post on Refinery 29 earlier in the week, I decided to take the plunge & wear the boxy jacket, whereas in the past I didn't because I thought that the shape made me look huge. Even if the shape isn't the most flattering, I really like the color and it added the perfect amount of warmth at the end of the night as it got chillier :) Also, I wanted to say a big thanks to Tammy for inviting me to the event & to Vivi for taking my outfit pictures <3


  1. I lovelovelove the subtle mix of prints with the heels and pants. You looked great that day! And no problemo.

  2. I love those pants! I have a similar version in black. They're super comfy and make me feel so feminine and stylish!


  3. your floral pants are so fun, I really like them! I don't think the jacket looks boxy, it goes well with your outfit and is flattering on :)


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