Thursday, October 17, 2013

Milk-Maid Braid

This post is more about the hair & less about the outfit.. oh yes & we can't forget about the debut of my D.I.Y. Smoking Slippers :) Over the weekend I caught up with my cousin over a delicious lunch at Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia which involved duck fat fries & a delicious juicy burger. I was actually running late that day when I came across this new ingenious hairstyle by accident. My hair was still damp & I didn't have time to blow dry it which resulted in me going all "Pippy Longstocking" with a pigtail on each side. It didn't take long for me to realize how ridiculous I looked, so I started messing around with the braids & ended up with a "milk-maid" braid.   
Sweater-THRIFTED, Jeans-TARGET, Flats-D.I.Y., Necklace-CARMEN LEFLEUR

I was so excited to finally post these jeans up on the blog since I've had them since last Christmas when I bought this other pair for only $13 each!! They're so comfy & have the perfect amount of stretch so that you can breathe comfortably, but they're not saggy in the butt. I also can't get over how lucky I've been at the thrift stores, this sweater originally from Target was under $5 & had never been worn. I like that it's a bit over-sized & that the fabric has a bit of cashmere in it too which really is the icing on the cake :) Since I was already running late & a little sleep deprived I had no time for makeup & contacts so I opted for a fun pair of statement glasses (last worn here) that I scored for FREE from Firmoo! 

If you have long-ish hair & want to try doing a milk-maid braid just part your hair down the back & braid each side & tie off the ends. Then flip one braid over the top of your head & bobby pin it down. Then take the other one & do the same thing & finish it off by hiding the ends underneath the other braid. I had SOOOO many bobby pins in my head for this style, but it really is a fool proof style that would also be perfect for a rainy day. Exciting news, after David's Doctor's appointment yesterday we were able to get him scheduled for surgery this Friday aka tomorrow! With that being said I probably won't be blogging til later next week, thanks again for reading :)


  1. Love the color of the sweater!

  2. LOVE the hair, and those slippers are really cute!


  3. great braid and the little bow stud in your ear is so cute
    Deejay Speaks


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