Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lean Mean Army Green

When you find something you like & it's versatile there's a law that you have to buy it in at least 2 different colors, right?! Ok whew, I thought so because that was the case with the ASOS pencil skirt pictured below & also pictured before here in red on the blog. I scored both skirts on sale for around $14 each at the beginning of the year, but am still working on feeling confident when I wear them. Since the material of the skirt is thin & very unforgiving it looks "best" when worn on a day where you're eating light meals or eating very healthy. I of course would go against all logic & choose to wear it to go out to dinner at Phillips in Baltimore where I stuffed my face with yummy appetizers & their broiled seafood sampler (more on that later today for Tasty Tuesdays). However, I did slightly prepare because I through on some fake cheap-o spanx underneath the skirt to keep everything looking "right & tight" or at least to make things look a little better. I was relieved to not experience any loss of feeling in my thighs or stomach while eating, but didn't like that the fake-spanx made my butt look kind of pancakey .. I guess you can't win them all. Yup, but for the most part I really liked my outfit for the evening & was excited to wear my newly thrifted chambray button-up for the first time! While putting this post together & looking at how I styled this skirt in red I thought that it was kind of funny how I went for Converses both times even months later. Since this skirt is pretty high on the "sexy scale" for me I didn't want to add a crazy heel into the mix & instead kept it pretty simple with just a peek of belly.

I also wanted to share with you ladies 2 other ways that I styled the skirt recently :)
CASUAL & RUNNING ERRANDS: Through my hair up in a messy top-knot, opted to be lazy & kept my glasses on instead of contacts, simple little gold pineapple necklace, & flip flops for comfort.
NIGHT OUT DANCING: Put my hair up in tight side braids, wore my favorite striped crop top from TOBI, spiky necklace to make it interesting, & sky high ankle strap heels to complete the look. 

Check back this evening to hear all about my experience at Phillips Seafood & to check out all the yummy food pictures!! PS: Sooo excited for tomorrow night for obvious reasons :) There's still time to RSVP at Brand Link DC so get to it <3


  1. I love the looks, Waverly!!

    Sarita W.

  2. You're so creative! Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you had a great time at MR party. Had to crash after a long workweek (and it's only Wednesday..)


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