Sunday, September 22, 2013

Prayers & Positive Thoughts

I'm writing this post from the hospital aka our new home. This past Thursday evening I noticed David's eyes were starting to turn a scary shade of yellow & considering he'd been in pain the last couple of nights I finally convinced him to go to the hospital. We waited over 4 hours in the ER before finally getting to see a Doctor. They explained to us after hearing about David's symptoms and medical past that he probably had a gallstone blocking one of the tubes going from the liver to the stomach. They immediately gave him an IV & started him on antibiotics to battle the bile that was entering his bloodstream. Luck for us they were able to squeeze him in the next day for a procedure that would remove the blocked stone that was causing him all the pain. The procedure was very fast & was successful, but we still had to decide whether or not to get his whole gallbladder removed. After much thought we decided that the best thing for David would be to have it removed & now we're stuck here waiting to find out if they have space on the boards tomorrow for him to undergo surgery. We're both very ready to go home since tonight will be our 4th night here at the hospital, but I must say we've been blessed to have some really wonderful nurses in the time that we've been here. David was finally allowed to eat solid food last night & today we celebrated with Potbelly's since he wont be allowed to eat or drink after midnight tonight in preparation for his surgery.
Don't worry I only let him eat half the sandwich since I kinda snuck it in #rebel
ME: Online Classes & Homework    HIM: Football on TV & Soccer on his Laptop
Weird/Happy faces that the first procedure was successful. 
Even in a hospital gown I think that he's so freakin cute!! Just ignore my creeper expression.

Yup, I just wanted to let all of you know what's going on at the moment in my crazy life. I'd appreciate any positive thoughts or prayers sent David's way towards his possible surgery tomorrow! I really love this guy & he's been such a trooper through this whole ordeal. Anyways, I hope you are all having a better week than we had & to all of you nurses out there you're amazing!!


  1. aww I hope he feels better and he will be in my prayers
    Deejay Speaks

  2. Oh my goodness Wave! I hope he get's that surgery tomorrow. Sending positive vibes you all's way!

  3. Thinking of brother had stones too...not a fun procedure at all..but he is so lucky to have you by his side! :-)

  4. I just saw this. I hope he's on the mend and all is well!!


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