Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Whites

Hi peeps! Today's outfit post is brought to you by a messy closet :) I spent the majority of Labor Day cleaning out my entire closet & prepping it for Fall which lead me to find this dress tucked behind a mountain of other forgotten pieces. I bought this dress almost 6 years ago while living in Australia and it really was love at first site! This dress is super simple, but the flowy shape & ruffly bottom make it really fun to wear. It wasn't til I was sitting down for Labor Day lunch that I realized I was wearing white on Labor Day .. the whole no white after Labor Day thing ya know? I don't buy that "rule" & I think that white can be worn all year round as long as it's styled correctly, not to mention it was 91 degrees today so as long as it feels like Summer I'm gonna rock this white sundress.

As I'm sure most of you can tell this dress is a wee bit short, but what you probably can't tell is that I have a pair of high-waisted jean shorts underneath to ensure that my ballerina moves didn't result in me mooning innocent bystanders :) Instead of reaching for a pair of sandals I opted for a dainty pair of ballet flats complete with a bow to create a more polished look. David was sneaky & took some candid shots while I was trying to think of more awkward outfit poses & I thought I'd leave you with a glamorous one :) To see some suggestions on how to wear whites after Labor Day I made another little "guide", as you can see (here & here) I've really enjoyed making them lately!
Winter Whites

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